Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So far, 2010, I am NOT amused!

You know that glow of hopefulness you feel at midnight on New Year's Eve? The whole "Today is the first day of the rest of my life" feeling? Yeah, well, that feeling is GONE! Officially, as of right now, 2010 SUCKS!

That's right, I said it.

Why, you ask? Okay, let's see, it started with the HUGE fight we had to have with Nick at 1:15 a.m on New Years over the fact that we would not let him sleep at his girlfriend's house. Am I the only one seeing a problem with that? Then there was the fight with him two days later (which was really just a continuation of the New Year's fight) - which made me want to stab sharp objects in my own ears and twirl them around in my brain. Monday found us waking up to a flat tire on my car, the transmission going on Frank's car and although we do have a third car that the STILL unlicensed teen is not driving, THAT car needs a new starter!! Can you guess who is NOT going to get the new laptop that she has been bargain shopping for? Oh, and on top of that, our DVD player died, too!!

I'd say it can only get better but I'm not believing it.


A.Marie said...

Ummmm....It WILL get Better, won't it???

Funny...My Mom said the same thing just yesterday. She was commenting on how the whole "It's a New Year, Things are Gonna Get Better" blah blah blah was being replaced by "Nothing Has Changed!"

Hoping that your vehicle issues get resolved FAST and that Nick:

(a) looses his voice because of all the yelling (only temporary, of course) OR

(b) Gets a job with the Peace Corp and moves far far away...if only for a day! :)


jenn said...

I remember growing up, when we turned 18, we no longer had curfew, and as long as our parents knew where we were, we didn't have to come home, and I spent a few nights with my then boyfriend. Do I think I will be able to do the same thing when my kids turn 18? Absolutely not. I am anticipating the same fights you are now having, and not looking forward to it at all.

I wish you lived a little husband is a car whiz, and could get you going in no time.

Grampy said...

Well I am stepping lightly. So far the New Year has not slapped me. I am waiting.
Hope your car issues lighten up.

Becki said...

I never say it only gets better...that feels like an invitation for a plane to crash into my house or something...

That being said, I hope it DOES get better.

Jen said...

The end of 2008 smacked me upside the head, 2009 was just a continuation of that smack, I don't see how 2010 can be any worse. Now that I have said that something horrible will happen. I hope yours does get better and if my son asked to spend the night at his girlfriend's house we'd be having a long talk about paying rent, insurance, tuition and then I would be having a long talk with her mother to find out what drugs she is taking and would she please share them with me.