Monday, January 11, 2010

Don't make me throw food at you too!

So Saturday was Nick's big birthday party. Will the celebrating never end?? Friends started showing up around one in the afternoon. He requested an Italian feast for dinner. I was up at 8:30 making meatballs, sausage, sauce, baking a cake, baking brownies and then later in the day I tackled a massive amount of lasagna. Can I just stop and say how much I, personally, do not enjoy making this stuff? Don't get me wrong, I love to cook, but Italian food gives me bad heartburn and so it takes the fun out of cooking it and I certainly don't want to eat it.

Anyway, people start showing up, they're playing Rock Band, there's tons of noise and chaos going on and so Frank and I went out for like 2 hours (this was while we were still trying to find my laptop). We get back, Frank had to go in to Raleigh to pick up some drum supplies and I had to get on the move with the lasagna. While I'm cooking, one of the girls comes in to talk to me. A lot. I mean, non-stop chatter. Normally I don't mind this but I'm a little particular about what goes on while I'm cooking - I don't like people hovering and this girl was like a foot away from my face the entire time. I didn't say anything because I did not want to be rude but when she mentioned that she was waiting for the guys to finish jamming so they could go outside, I marched in to the other room and put an end to the jam session.

So they leave for a little while, I was considering drinking something stronger than Coca Cola and finished up the second tray of food. In they come again, noise level goes up. I made this beautiful tray of dark chocolate brownies with milk chocolate icing. They were beautiful. One of the guys comes over and repeatedly touches one of them - like poking it. I asked him to stop several times. I don't like people touching the food unless they are going to eat it. Now, I know this kid quite well and so I finally got up and smacked him with a spoon. His girlfriend (or fiance, who knows) comes over and starts yelling "Stop hitting my fiance!" They are 19 and 21, give me a break. So SHE starts poking a second brownie. Now I'm mad. Now I'm like "I should not have to deal with this crap" and got up, grabbed the two brownies and threw them down on the table in front of them both and said "HERE! These are yours now! Don't touch the damn food unless you are going to eat it. Since you had to touch these, they're yours. Enjoy!" and I turned around and got on the computer.

Was I rude? Yes. Was I provoked? Absolutely. Will this birthday party be remembered as the one where Nick's mom went a little crazy and threw brownies? I am sure of it!

What a way to remember your birthday!

*Today's is on the Raleigh Museum of History. You can read about it HERE. Thanks!*


Grampy said...

It sounds to me like Nick should have given you a bit of help. They were his friends. I don't see where you did anything wrong. This girl and her fiance both need to grow up.
The only thing that bothers me is. You didn't invite me over. I love Italian.

Grampy said...

When I stopped by earlier I forgot to tell you. I have an award for you.

A.Marie said...

Ooohh...I love italian, but I don't like to make it...tooooo much work! HA!:)

I think that you were alot nicer than me. I would have seriously thought about shoving the brownie in his AND her face.

Like that famous quote,"Let them eat cake." In this case, it's brownies! LOL

Unknown said...

it is still unbelievable to me how disrespectful kids are. you showed more restraint than i probably would've have.

have a great night, hugz!

Laura Parker said...

You crack me up....your a great mom!!

Frugal Vicki said...

That is awesome! You go momma!