Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Celebrity Look A Like

One of my ridiculous guilty pleasures is a show on the TV Guide channel called Look-a-Like.  They take ordinary people who resemble celebrities and give them a complete make over and photo session.  

This is my dream!!  I would so LOVE a make over but unfortunately I do not resemble any celebrity.  Well, that's not true...back in the 80's there was a movie called "Say Anything".  There was girl in it who had a really minor part that I looked like.  And then there was a girl in the crowd scene from Bon Jovi's "I'll be There for You" video that I looked like.  That's the closest that I'm going to come to looking like the famous.  And that's pretty darn far!

I had hoped that if I had lost enough weight that I would go to one of those Glamor Shots places and treat myself but being how poorly the Weight Watchers meeting went, that is so NEVER going to happen!!

Do you look like a celebrity?

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Joanne Olivieri said...

Well, I actually think you resemble Jennifer Aniston I was on a cruise, decades ago and someone on the cruise thought I was Karen Carpenter and asked me for an autograph. I never saw the resemblance but many have told me that.

Latev said...

Very nice sharing post articles sister, well in my poses i will like makeover my self which is my character not include celebrity. because its like a market if we buy some shoe same look but different brand. hope help and thank you for droping my blog sister :)



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Tara Beaulieu said...

Well, I don't know you so I'm only going by your photo at the top of your blog, but I'd say you could pass for that really cute girl "Sam" on ICarly (yes I have kids I am not sitting and watching Nickelodeon by myself, I swear!) I think her name is Janine something. Google her, she's adorable! :)

ps- I've never been mistaken for anyone but my sister.

Jacquie said...

I don't know if I resemble a celeb. I would like to I think, but then I do like having my own face! I have never had anyone say that I look like anyone in particular though, although I would have to have Weight Watcher work REALLY well for me before I even got near their weight so that might be it.
I found your site through Entre cards and I plan on coming back!

Anonymous said...

When we were both young, Liza Minelli and I looked a lot alike - enough so that people would rush up to me on the street (I lived in NYC) and only when they got like inches away did they realize I was me not she...