Monday, January 18, 2010

Can someone let me in on the plans?

You know, my teenager has a habit of making plans IN HIS HEAD and then acts surprised when I have no idea what he is talking about. He does this a lot. He'll think that he told me that he was going some place or that someone was coming over but the reality is that he hasn't. It's kind of frustrating.

Well, now it seems that my ten-year old has caught on to this craze. Seriously. Tonight he comes to me and is like "Um ...when you come to school for my birthday party on Friday..." and I'm like "I'm not coming to school on Friday. Was I supposed to?" You see, in his mind he just FIGURED that I was coming and now I feel like crap because I cannot go. So now, I will have to go ANOTHER day and do all of the birthday hooplah with him.

I am a very accessible person. Seriously, I'm home all the daggone time and if I'm not home, I have my cell phone. There is no reason why these children of mine cannot run an idea or thought by me! Instead, they continue with their plotting and planning and making me feel as if I am losing my mind!!!

Do they teach a class on this in elementary school that I am not aware of?


Lola said...

I'm beginning to think it's inborn. My partner does this to me all the time. I too am home all the time. My cell phone is always on me. There is no reason why I should be surprised by anything, I'm totally reachable.

Unknown said...

what's the matter stace, did you forget to take your mind reading pills...hehehe.

have a great day, hugz!

pehpot said...

It happens to me too and it makes me feel that I am the weird one since I have no idea what are they talking about..

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Roo said...

Personally... I think it's a GUY THING! Seen similar things happen in adult males happen too many times!!!!

Junk Drawer Kathy said...

Dare I say it's a boy thing? Along a similar vein, my husband never tells me when he's changing the subject in a conversation and he'll make wildly huge leaps from one topic or person to the next without having given me any sort of help with the new subject. So I'm left wondering "What in the sam hill are you talking about NOW and how 'bout warning me when you're going to use "he" to refer to the guy at the store checkout counter and in the same breath the "he" has changed to a guy at work who did something stupid today you wanted to tell me about!!! How am I supposed to know you changes subjects????"

I'm sorry for my rant, but you opened up a door and I couldn't stop it.

It's a guy thing. I'm sure of it.

A.Marie said...

Hi there! I agree with Lola; it is inborn! :)

Janiss said...

Judging from everyone else's comments, and my own experience, yes, it's a guy thing and your boys are just getting an early start. My SO, who is so great in so many other ways, does this a lot! I can only figure that he must talk to me in his head. Which can't be all bad, since it shows that he IS thinking of me!

Grampy said...

I don't mean to crush anyone . It is not completely a man thing. While talking to my wife I have to sometimes stop her and ask what she is talking about.
But lets get back to the kids. If they need you for something or someone is coming over etc. An easy solution would be to get it in writing.
A large desk calendar. Something hung on the refrigerator or etc.
Have a good day Stace.

Frugal Vicki said...

I am kinda thinking that this is a male-trait. My husband does the same thing. Or when I say I told you....he doesn't remember. But he sure remembers things that are important to video game codes or stupid stuff like that!