Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Eye of the Tiger

Okay so Nick got Rock Band 2 for the Xbox 360 for Christmas. It's a fun game, it takes up a lot of space because it comes with a drum set, a guitar and a microphone. So we thought that this was going to be something fun for both him and Michael Thinking along those lines, when my sister asked what to get Michael for his birthday in a few weeks we said Lego Rock Band. Why? Because the boy LOVES Legos and we just KNEW he would love Rock Band.

After 30 seconds on the drums, he quit. He hated the game. He was NEVER going to play Rock Band again.


So when Nick had some friends over for his birthday on Monday, Michael sat back and watched them all play Rock Band. He didn't realize that you could SING. The boy has never shown any interest in singing. But after watching Nick's friend Matt sing, he was like "I can do that!" I was only sort of not paying too much attention to what was going on until I heard this little voice singing "Eye of the Tiger"!

Can we just take a moment here and LAUGH??!!??

I mean, "Eye of the Tiger"? Really? Why is this song even ON Rock Band. Is there not enough music - ROCK music - in the world that they truly felt the need to fill the void with an 80's song from Rocky 3? It was a little bizarre for me but at the same time I was just thrilled that Michael was finally getting in to it. The Lego Rock Band game came in the mail and so I was a little stumped about what to do. Nick kept telling me that once Michael saw that it was Lego's, then he'd play it. I wasn't so sure. Michael is my stubborn one so once he says he's never doing something, he usually keeps with it.

Eighties rock proves once again to work wonders!


Lola said...

Guitar Hero is all 80's music too. Twisted Sister, Quiet Riot. It just cracks me up when our son continually thinks he can stump me when we listen to the classic rock station. The nerve of that kid...he doesn't stand a chance. Lol!

jenn said...

I remember doing sit ups to that song in gym when I was in elementary school! lol! Oh, the memories...

Frugal Vicki said...

I love guitar hero for this reason. I LOVE the 80's rock, my absolute favorite. I would be happy if we could just get a game with all of the warrant/poison/def leopard/ etc etc etc song. I LOVE them!