Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!!

You know, weird as this may sound, I have come to enjoy the holidays so much more since moving away from family. Quick Nancy, hit the "print" key! Anyway, we have started our own family traditions that we otherwise would not have done because there was always some place to be. When you get married and have kids and live near family, everyone wants to see you (when you're single? Not so much.). As a child of divorce, I always had two sets of grandparents to take Nick to and then there were my in-laws. Holidays were exhausting.

Once we moved it was like, okay, we have all of this free time to do with what we want! Our first Christmas in North Carolina, my grandmother came to visit me because she didn't want me to be alone. I just miss her so much! We had a lovely Christmas that year and it was so simple - no fuss, no muss, just time together. After that year we invited friends over and Frank has some cousins and relatives that live 90 minutes away so it was all still very nice.

A couple of years ago I took a cue from my sister. She always has people in her home. I don't know how she stands it sometimes but she does. One year she told me that she was doing an open house and whoever came, came. So we decided to try that. On Christmas Eve we had a dessert open house for our friends. The first year it was kind of small - maybe less than ten people. But last year was like our fifth year (maybe 6th year) and we had over 30 people! I put out the invites this year and it's going to be a bit smaller than last year but I am loving it. I think that it is just wonderful to surround yourself with people that you enjoy.

Everyone brings a dessert to share, we have music playing, the kids run around - last year it was warm out so the teens all went outside. This year it's not going to work out that well. There's always the shed! But for 3 hours my home is filled to the rafters with love, laughter and fellowship. I love it!

What are you doing this Christmas Eve? Whatever it is, enjoy and be merry. Have a little chocolate for me!

*Today's article is on the Twelve Days of Homeschooling. You can read it HERE. Enjoy and thank you!!*


Lola said...

Sounds wonderful! Hope you have a great Christmas.

Unknown said...

well, we were planning on going to my daughters house, but the weather has different plans for everyone. so we will just be staying home and do our dinner on saturday, hopefully. have yourself a wonderful holiday...hugz!

Roo said...

We're going to go to see a movie tonight and then, in keeping with our tradition, we will open our gifts. Dinner tomorrow at Mom's.

Merry Christmas Stacey!!!!!

A.Marie said...

Hi there! We just got done opening our presents and now everyone is just enjoying what they received and we are just "chilling!"


Becki said...

Sounds like a great holiday tradition you've started for yourselves :)