Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Finally Got New Glasses!

Okay, the last time I got glasses was around 11 years ago. I had no choice, my last ones looked like something from the Sally Jesse Raphael show! Mine were green whereas hers were red but they were both HUGE!

So I got my glasses and they were fine. When I was pregnant with Michael and had to stop wearing my contacts (just another "perk" of pregnancy), I was fine with them.
I went for four years without contacts and was fine with my glasses. Well, now I really am not comfortable wearing them for anything except walking from the bed to the bathroom to put my contacts back in! Remember my eye doctor appointment back in June where they kept trying to sell me glasses even though I kept reminding them that I was unemployed with no insurance? Then they told me how they were "affraid" to even TOUCH my glasses because they were so old? Well to them I say HA-HA!!

Zenni Optical has $8 glasses and I went and ordered my some glass
es. I was not expecting quality glasses for that amount but at least I would be able to see. Always a good thing! So they finally came in the mail and I was just about giddy. They arrived a little over two weeks after my order was placed and when they came they each had their own hard-covered case and Zenni Optical cloth with it. They fit perfectly, they look great and best of all, I really can see in them! I am very pleased.

I ordered two pairs because at that low price, why not? Plus, without trying them on, I wasn't sure which style I was going to prefer. They are almost identical and the funny thing is that I like one pair and Frank likes the other. Go figure. But now I have a pair and a back up and with the shipping it cost less than $21.

Now that's a deal!

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Unknown said...

i ordered my glasses through zenni also. since i had to get bifocals (yeah, sucks to get old, lol) they were a little more expensive. if i would've ordered them through the optometrist they would've been close to 400 bucks! through zenni they only cost me $57! and they are perfect! i will be using them again.

have a wonderful day...hugz!

A.Marie said...

I need new glasses,also, and we don't have eye insurance. I have bifocals, and I was wondering, how do you order them through this company and how do you get the right size and everything?

jenn said...

How is the quality? I have been toying with the idea of ordering from them, but I wear mine all day, every day, so I need something that will hold up.

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Have heard of them and plan on ordering some prescription sunglasses! Got new glasses last fall for the first time in over 12 years - seriously. Tried on tons for frames and found the ones I wanted - didn't bother looking at prices. When I checked out at the reception desk, imagine my surprise when the glasses rang up at $435 ~ Yikes Stripes!! Sticker Shock!! All ended well, as their lab kept screwing them up - so refunded the entire amount on my credit card and I got them for free - WooHoo!!!

Frugal Vicki said...

Wow! I may have to look into this. I rarely wear my glasses because I am pretty much blind it seems and apparently no one can match my contact prescription on a glasses one, but I laugh at my husband every time I see him in his 1970ish glasses. Thanks for the info!