Thursday, January 19, 2012

WRAL Sucks!

You know, I have so few things these days that bring me joy.  I have all of three TV shows that I watch that make me happy.  On Monday it is "How I Met Your Mother", Wednesday it is "Modern Family" and on Thursday it is "The Big Bang Theory".  Tonight was to be the 100th episode (all new, might I add) and so at 8:00 I turned on the TV, tuned in to CBS and what did I find?  

College basketball.

Do you know when my show will be aired?  1:37 AM.  

Needless to say I am NOT amused.

So I commented on WRAL's Facebook wall the following:  Not everyone cares about basketball, WRAL! It shows a lack of respect toward your viewers to not air an all-new prime time show in favor of a college event. 

To which they responded:   WRAL is the long-time ACC basketball affiliate in this market, and each season we must carry a certain number of games in primetime. Some are great games - others are not. We must take them all.
Our standard practice is to move the affected network programs overnight so 100% of our viewers at least have the opportunity to record the shows. We could put those shows on a digital channel - but less than 50% of the households in our viewing area have access to that channel, and we don't think that's a good tradeoff.
We understand the frustration that these conflicts cause, but we always try to make the programs available in some fashion. Many of the network shows are available for viewing online the next day at, so that is another option.

While it was nice to have them respond, I'm curious as to when I missed the FREE DVR giveaway in which enabled 100% of their viewers the opportunity to record the show.  Seriously?  Um...I don't have DVR.  I barely have cable so this statement angered me even MORE.

Sporting events should be broadcast on separate channels or maybe they should be aired overnight.  I don't see why MILLIONS of viewers who tune in for a network TV show need to be inconvenienced for the thousands who MIGHT (and I'm being generous here with that audience) tune in to watch a college event.

I was always a fan of WRAL but as of now, they have lost a viewer.  I will watch my CBS shows on-line from now on and take every opportunity I have to tell the masses how much WRAL SUCKS.

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Xiaoding said...

"I missed the FREE DVR giveaway in which enabled 100% of their viewers the opportunity to record the show."

You don't need a DVR. VCR's still work.

Face it, Raleigh is not the intellecutal center of the universe. Your lucky to have electricty!