Saturday, January 28, 2012

Highs and Lows...

So...Frank finally got a job.  YEAH!!!  He'll be working with a commercial painting and wallpaper company and the money isn't great and it's kind of far away but it is WORK.  Praise GOD!  He starts on Monday and you know what's gone on here since he got the job?  He's getting calls for work on his own.  I HATE when that happens.  So he's torn between working the new job for someone else or staying on his own and I told him that he needs to just take the job with the commercial people and perhaps start booking jobs maybe 2-3 months out from now.  This way, we start getting an income again and he can see if he fits in with this job or if it's everything they said it was going to be.

As for me, working, working, working.  I've been spending a lot of time thinking about just life in general and going through a "life decluttering" phase; hence the defriending post the other day.  I officially left my church and have been visiting some other local ones and I have to tell you, this is not a fun or easy thing to do.  There is no perfect church, and I get that, but it's been nice to feel that lightness and job on a Sunday morning again.

I had some let downs at work; I had asked about coming on full-time but was turned down.  Not permanently, mind you, just not right now.  I was really bummed because I love my job and want to be able to support my family as best as I can - even though that job alone wouldn't cut it, but it would be a start.

So for now it's just us plugging along; work, school, know, the fun stuff.


Roo said...

Congratulations to Frank on the job! I think it's best that he take the job with the commercial company to get you guys in a better spot. Then reconsider the self-employed thing. But that's just my opinion.

Best of luck to you both!!!!

Karen said...

Way to go to Frank. I hope he really likes it.

That Capella ad kept going over your post so I could barely read it.