Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Who will be the Easter host??

He's been out of the house for all of 2 weeks and he thinks he can just swoop in and steal a holiday.  Who?  Nick!  That's right, he wants to have Easter at his house this year!

Sort of.

Basically, he wants all of us (meaning me, Frank, Michael and his girlfriend's family) to come to his house but for US to bring all of the food.  


Now, I probably wouldn't have a hard time with this if the place was clean and smelled nice.  I reminded him that by having civilized people over would mean he'd have to CLEAN his bathroom and have his roommates CLEAN their rooms, trash would have to be picked up off of the floor and actually put in a trash can AND it could NOT smell like armpit in there!

He's thinking about it.

I understand his excitement and really, I am having a hard time because I'm just not ready to be giving up so much.  Although, it would me that I would NOT have to clean my house.  That is appealing.  BUT...I would STILL have to cook.  


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Grampy said...

A couple of things about Nick. First someone needs to buy him a cook book.It is fine to have Easter at his house as long as it is not dirty. Also he should cook the Ham. The responsibility would be good for him.Just my opinion. Let us know how it turns out.