Wednesday, April 13, 2011

And it's out of my hands...

Okay, so today was a productive day.  I made every attempt to go back to bed after Michael left for school but it just wasn't in the cards so I eventually made myself get UP and start moving around.  

I finished polishing my first three chapters for submission and then did a little research and realized that I needed to hit Staples for better quality paper to print it out on and to get address labels so that everything would look professional.  By the time I did that AND hit Target - because really, it's the law.  If you go to Staples, you have to hit the Target that is right next door.  Then I came home, had a little lunch and THEN sat back down at the computer to do the rest of the work.

The dreaded Synopsis.  

It is a filthy, eight letter word and I HATE it.

This is my downfall with all of my submission, well, that and the query letter stump me pretty good and wouldn't you know it, I took classes on BOTH of those things in the last two months and it was with the same SUCKY teacher who taught me NOTHING.  Thank you, sucky teacher.  I almost feel the need to print your name here so that no one else will take your stupid classes and waste their money.

But I digress...I sat down and stared at the blank screen as if I was in a coma with my eyes open for about two hours.  Then, I reached a decision:  I could type or I could throw up.  I hate to vomit and clearly I hate to do that MORE than the Synopsis so I started to type.  And I sit here now so you know I survived it!

I typed up the cover letter and printed out the first three chapters AND the synopsis, banded it all up in a rubber band (because that is what the publisher asked for) and put it all in a Priority Mail envelope along with a SASE and cruised on over to the post office and let it fly.

Now my friends...we wait.


Roo said...

I am truly excited for you. I hope it all works out. GOOD LUCK!!!!

Tammy said...

Good luck!!!