Saturday, April 23, 2011

Keep your swaggering to yourself, Bub!

People are awkward.

There, I said it.  

I know, I know, I am awkward too but sometimes it is just painful to witness others awkwardness.  The other day I was sitting and talking with a friend - in person, face to face.  We weren't discussing our marriages or anything of the sort when her husband came in to the room.  No big deal; it was like "hey, how are you?" and he took a seat sort of to the left of his wife but more behind her.  He made all kinds of faces at the things that she was saying and I'm thinking "I can see you, you jerk!"  Occassionally he would interject something in to the conversation to make himself sound smart and then he'd swagger out of the room only to return a few minutes later with the same routine.


Then there are couples on Facebook.  I'm sorry,'re married.  Save some of the, shall we say "magic" for when you are alone and no one has to witness it.  I think it's sweet to see the "I love you"'s that people post on their spouse's walls but when you are just plain letting the world know that you just "did it", please, please, PLEASE...keep it to yourself.

I know I put a lot of stuff out here on the blog about my life and it's normally in a rant format, but believe me when I tell you there is like a million-times more things that I don't share.  Why?  Because they are private.  I would be mortified if my husband was making faces behind my back in front of someone we knew.  I would be disgusted if he posted 'after-glow' talk on Facebook.

Your thoughts?

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