Monday, April 25, 2011

So how was your weekend?

You know, actually, mine was pretty sweet.  

Saturday was such a lazy, relaxing day that even though I was bored silly for a large part of it, it was just wonderful.  I finished all of the food shopping for Easter, concocted something yummy for dinner (and if you have the opportunity, try the new Philly Cooking Cream - you won't be sorry) and just vegged.  

Glorious, simply glorious.

Yesterday, Easter Sunday, had me feeling very emotional all day.  Besides the emotion of what Easter is about - the sacrifice that Jesus made for us - I had the opportunity to spend the day with my kids.  All of my kids.  Yes, I know some of you are like "WHAT?  All of her kids??  Doesn't she just have two?"  Well, yes I do BUT...I also have kids in my life who are like my own because I love them so much.

When I went to church yesterday, Michael and I left here and drove to Nick's house.  He lives quite literally right next door to my church.  He hasn't come to church with me (Nick, that is) in years!  He has another church that he goes to with his girlfriend and I really don't mind because at least they go to church together.  But yesterday, he asked if he could come with me.  Moms?  Are you feeling the emotion in that?

So, Michael and I get there and not only is Nick there waiting, but his beautiful girlfriend is there, as well.  I just about cried.  I hugged them and told them how much it meant to me that they would be joining me at church and when we got there, and I got to sit with them (after I was done greeting) and then got to introduce them to my friends afterwards, well, it was just wonderful.

After church, Michael asked if he could hang out at Nick's for a little while and Nick said yes (good big brother move) and so I went home to start prepping for dinner.  Beckah was going to be spending it with her family and she was greatly missed.  At around 4, Alex (Nick's best friend) showed up and was quickly followed by my boys.  Alex and Nick have been best friends since around the age of 5 and he is my third son.  When he walked in and thanked me for inviting him AND told me that I looked nice, well, that had me wanting to cry again!

We ate, we talked, we laughed - the boys all ran around in the yard like they used to when they were little.  They played video games and were so loud that I had to reprimand them - like when they were little!  It was just the BEST day.

So thank you to all my kids for spending Easter with me and making it an amazing memory.  You are all just the best and I love you!!!


Lin said...

Isn't it funny how just those little things make such a big impact on you? How nice that your family was together and your son came to church with you. :) Ah, good "mom" moment, eh?

Unknown said...

Love the new Philly Cream Cheese...the mexican was is so good!