Friday, April 15, 2011

A Letter to the Band...

Dear Band,

First, I would like to say congrats on getting the demo cd going and for organizing a photo shoot.  Most bands don't get the ambition to do these things so kudos to you for getting them done.

However, some issues have arisen in the process that I feel need to be addressed.  First, I don't think that any ONE person should be making appointments/arrangements/agreements for the entire band.  The studio that was chosen was NOT worth the money that was spent and if SOMEONE had taken the time to research a little bit more or maybe if they actually LISTENED to their fellow bandmates concerns, maybe things would have gone smoother.

And also on the studio topic, I don't see why Frank had to contribute ANYTHING to the extra time that had to be paid for on the mixing process when the studio LOST his tracks!  So basically, you three other guys got to tweak your parts in the songs to your hearts content while Frank was left with nothing and has to be happy with whatever happened to be on there for the drums.

I had the opportunity to look at the over 500 pictures that were taken last week at the photo shoot.  I have one question...did the photographer ever LOOK through the camera?  I mean, there were a LOT of pictures that clearly this guy was just clicking without seeing what in the world was going on.  I realize that he is not a  REAL photographer and was doing this to help you guys out but really, that was four hours wasted.

And to the member who decided to "play" with the photos to show the band some "possibilities" of what HE thinks should be done?  GET A CLUE!  You chose the WORST pose in the entire batch of pictures!  AND...on top of that...I don't think your graphics are all that great.  The location that YOU chose was not good in any capacity and really, again, if you LISTENED to anyone else's suggestions then maybe things would go better instead of you continually wasting everyone's time.

And finally, band member (and you know who you are!), do not call my home, or Frank's cell, while he's at work to DEMAND that he meet you to pick up a CD that you burned.  Especially one that no one ASKED you to burn!  We have a life OUTSIDE of the band.  When Frank is working a job that is 45 minutes away from home and you live 30 minutes in the opposite direction of our home, don't give him grief because he can't jump for you and actually wants to come HOME after work and eat dinner and relax after climbing up and down a ladder all day painting an entire exterior of a house while you, CHUBBO, are sitting at a desk photo-shopping BAD pictures!

Grow up, get a life.  This band is not preparing for their North American tour.  You've played in public TWICE.  There is no reason to be making unreasonable demands on people and then pouting and sending nasty text messages when you don't get your way.


Fed Up Band Wife

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Irene said...

{HUGS}}Sounds like a tough situation. Fingers crossed it improves for you!