Monday, April 18, 2011

Power to shower in less than an hour!

Okay, so I'm at church on Sunday and ran in to an old and dear friend.  I am now a greeter for the 10:45 service so I get to chat and be social with EVERYONE!  I love it!  

So we're talking and whatnot and she's like, "I really need an accountability partner and I think you would be awesome".  So I'm intrigued and ask what for and she's like "Eating better and exercising".

Divine intervention...

How ironic because I, too, need an accountability partner who is struggling like I am!  Many, many years ago we did this together and were using the "Power 90" workout.  She was the one who got me hooked on it and when I asked what was so great about it she was like "Well, you can power to shower in less than an hour!" and that totally stayed with me!  I'm hoping that we actually do this and that maybe, just maybe I'll get my big, giant butt off the couch (or office chair being that I'm working all week!) and get moving!

I'll keep you updated on our progress!


Pearl said...

Hi Stace, God bless on your new goal. I hope you'll pull it off with your partner. How's your second day in work?

StaceyC4 said...

Work is going WAY better than expected. The girl who I am covering for did not write down hardly anything for me to know what I am doing so the bosses are being most gracious to me. I did 24 articles in my first 4 hours! I think I just may survive!