Sunday, April 3, 2011

I'm beginning to annoy myself...

Today was a pretty good day.  I got up, went to church, came home, had some lunch, cleaned up a bit and then Frank decided to take Michael to the movies so that I could have a little time alone. 


So I was pretty psyched but had nothing that HAD to be done and so I decided to tackle my scrapbooking.  I have two shoeboxes that are FILLED with miscellaneous pictures from every time in my life.  So I set it all up in the dining room and went to work.  The first album that I did was of my godchild Justin and I finished it off with my niece, Kyla.  That was about 250 pictures.  Now keep in mind, this is not "pretty" scrapbooking.  At this point my main goal was to just crop the pictures and get them in albums before they got lost or damaged.  I didn't journal anything and while that made me a little bit crazy, I was more focused on getting the pictures secured.

I finished that album before dinnertime and after dinner I went back to work and started on the "me" album.  Essentially, these are all of the crazy pictures of me from high school and the year after graduation.  There was a lot of beer in these pictures and that's funny to me because I don't drink!  Yet amazingly, there was always a drink near by!  Maybe I just liked posing with a drink in my hand?  Sure, that makes sense.

But really, I was annoying myself during the entire process because while I was feeling good today about the whole Nick moving out thing, every picture that I put in my nephew's album made me cry!  I'm not talking a tear or two, I am talking BAWLING!  Like a baby!  Like I can't see because of all of the tears coming out of my eyes!

For the love of it, someone hit me with a box of Kleenex and snap me out of this emotional funk!!!


Tammy said...

It's good that you did something to take your mind off things but it sounds like it didn't work real good. Time will make everything better.

siteseer said...

I've all but given up scrapbooking. You got 250 pictures in a book?! THat in itself is amazing. The jounaling can come later. Good for you.