Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How do you talk to people?

This morning, Frank and I were having a discussion about our landlord.  Yes, it's been a while since I've mentioned him and really it's because he is still ignoring us.  Yesterday he was at the house right next door to us that he owns and STILL did not come to the door to collect the rent.  We had to drive down to his house and drop it in the mail slot. 


So anyway, we got to talking about that relationship and really since the very first day we moved in here, the man has talked down to us - like we're two kids playing house or something rather than two married adults.  So this got me thinking, "Why?"  Here's my theory:  Basically, Frank and I are like the total opposite of the general population.  We have no desire to use credit cards and get ourselves in to debt; we don't dream of owning a house because really, our job situation has never been stable; the fact that our job situation is NEVER stable and we always seem to be in need of a little help...I guess to most people we must look like we don't know what the heck we're doing.

Do any of us REALLY know what we're doing?  I mean, in the last ten years or so we have watched business professionals lose their jobs, their homes, their retirement.  We've seen people that we know and love on the verge of suicide because of their circumstances.  I don't speak DOWN to them because of them!  I mean, it shouldn't be about what you have or how you live your life if you're a decent human being and you take care of people around you.  

I have an issue with some people (who shall remain nameless) that call me and only want to talk about themselves no matter WHAT I have going on in my life or what I am trying to say.  Clearly, they feel that they are better and more important.  Personally, I don't give a crap about the stuff going on in their lives sometimes but I always engage in conversation and respond politely...I certainly don't cut them off to talk about myself!  

Maybe that's because I have my blog...and I can talk about me to my hearts content!

Maybe not...


Unknown said...

I am with you on those one sided conversations by the me-me-me people. I have the ability to tune them out, without they knowing that I have switched channels.

I have had 'friends' who literally stop contact when my stuff is bad. It's like I'm infectious and they might catch something. This is by phone 1000's of miles away mind you.

And then of course we have the blogosphere.

Have a great rest of the week.
Happy Trails...

Laura Parker said...

Stace, It is great we blog to vent our steam. Sometimes people just act weird and there is no way to ever explain their behavior. Half the time I think they need professional help and never get it! lol

Petula said...

I am definitely feeling you on that. I have experienced the same thing. For some reason people are great at judging a book by its cover. If people aren't assuming that I'm 20 something and can speak to me like I'm an idiot they're speaking slowly as if I'm dense. I either ignore them or show them a thing or two. :-)

OMG, and the people who only wanna talk about themselves?? Good grief, even in general conversation. Like the "friend" who calls to see how you're doing then way you say something about the kids or whatever; they start talking about their kids. Oh, you think, it's about them!

Unknown said...

The older I get the easier it has been for me to let go of those blood sucking leeches who think they are the only ones who matter.

Those who look down on others, I've found, have inferiority complexes and have to do that to feel better about themselves.