Sunday, February 21, 2010

Loving the TV again

You know, ever since "Friends" went off the air and "Must See TV" on NBC Thursday nights changed, I have not watched a whole lot of TV. Plus, I just found it hard to sit and watch TV for extended periods of time. But lately there has just been some GOOD shows around (and no, I don't mean the Olympics).

Sunday Nights: The Amazing Race. Yes, I know that the new season JUST started but MAN do I love this show! It is one of the few reality shows that I enjoy because I find the whole geography aspect fascinating.

Monday Nights: How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. Both of these shows are hysterical and the nice thing is that there is an hour between their air times so it's like 30 minutes of TV, do what I need to do around the house for an hour and then another 30 minute break. Love it!

Tuesday Nights: The Biggest Loser. I had issues with it last season because of that whole Tracey thing but this season seems to be back on track. It motivates me to get up and move!

Wednesday Nights: Psych. This is on the USA network and is a great show. Two private detectives, one who thinks he's psychic. Their cases aren't predictable and the witty banter just keeps me entertained.

Thursday Nights: 30 Rock. I am a huge SNL fan which helps with this one. Tina Fey is great and Alec Baldwin is the king of comedy. The way that these two deliver one-liners is wonderful and the supporting cast is equally funny.

Friday Nights: The Soup. This show is on the E network and for 30 minutes you have recaps of all of the stupid things that were on TV during the week. It is just mindless entertainment and the host, Joel McHale, is very funny.

Saturday Nights: iCarly. Yes, I'm admitting to it! This teen-ish show on Nickelodeon usually airs a new episode on Saturday nights and it's just funny for the whole family. Then, later at night, we still enjoy Saturday Night Live.

Okay, so that helps me with regularly scheduled programming. But there is a show that I know is on and airing current episodes during the week but we have been watching it in re-runs a LOT lately, and that is NCIS. This show has become a little bit of an addiction. Last night we watched like six hours of it! I wanted to get up and move, but I couldn't! I had to know what was going to happen!

I may need a 12-step program to make life normal again and break the TV habit!


Lin said...

I love winter when we know the TV schedule by heart--ugh. I'm ready for spring when we are outside in the yard or listening to a ball game instead. C'mon spring!

Lola said...

What about Medium on Friday nights?

Natalie said...

I watch iCarly too...occasionally when my daughters aren't around too. Shhhh! ;)

melanie said...

Oh my gosh ! I sooo love NCIS!!! Sometimes I could not watch on Tuesday night, I look forward watching it in on demand the next day ! Since I could not schedule my TV time because I have a baby, I watched whatever rerun they have...I could watch them over and over....

Frugal Vicki said...

Okay, I was TOTALLY into the big loser for the first time, but haven't found it recently, I am assuming because of Olympics? If I have been missing it I will be MAAAAAAAAAD!