Saturday, February 20, 2010

Too much together time...

It's official...we've hit that point. With three weeks of being home time for Frank, I have hit my limit. We have become like two kids in the back seat on a family road trip - "Stop looking at me!", "He's touching me!" or the ever famous "I'm not touching you, I'm not touching you".

Life is completely annoying at this point. If I am on the phone, there he is wanting to know who is on the phone. If I am going to the store, he wants to know how long I'll be gone and then he calls.

The other morning, Frank left to take Michael to school. While he was gone, I paid some bills on line but then had to do our insurance payment over the phone. He walked in while I was on the phone and just hovered over me and was like "What's wrong? What's the matter?" Now I miss the damn prompting of the robot on the other end and have to wait for it to go through its whole speech again. I'm not going to lie to you, I went a bit ballistic after I hung up the phone. I was not nice, I was not understanding...that woman has left the building. I was nice and I was understanding that first week he was home. I even let her come out during that second week, but now? I am like a ranting and raving lunatic.

I'm not proud of it, it just is what it is. Please pray for our family. Pray for work to come in. SOON!!


A.Marie said...

You sound just like me right now. Hubby has been home since Wednesday, because he has been sick. Yes, he was really sick on Wed., Thursday, and some of yesterday, but now today, he is recovering but he is getting sort of ANNOYING!!!

I love him, but honestly, I don't NEED someone HOVERING AROUND ME!!

Totally feeling your pain.... :)

I don't know how you have stood it this long...You are stronger than me, my friend! HA!

Unknown said...

i am thinking employment, employment, employment for your household and mine. much love to you...hugz!

Lola said...

I feel your pain. Anastasia finally recovered from her upper respiratory thing and is back on her regular schedule. We actually like each other now and I kinda, sorta miss not having her around. (Wait a minute! Did I really type that?)

Irene said...

omg...I can sooo relate! Mine is a carpenter/contractor, and work has been soo slow lately he is home much more than gone. Drives me nuts! Hang in there girl...I am crossing fingers for both of us!