Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mother of a teen driver

Okay, so my boy has his license. Finally. Life should be easy and uncomplicated, right? Well, not yet. You see, he has a car of his own. When my grandmother passed away last year she left it to him. It's been sitting in front of our house since April. Frank and I paid the insurance on it from April til July and then Nick took over - on his own policy - on a car he couldn't drive alone in. Then, about three months ago, the starter went on it.

Sounds like a simple story with a simple solution, right?

Well, now here's my son with his shiny new license in his hands and he's ready to walk out the front door and hop in the car and take on the world. But he can't. Why? Because he never bothered to FIX the starter and pretty much felt like Frank and I should just GIVE him one of our cars so that he could go out. In torrential rain. In freezing weather. After dark.

Um...I don't think so.

Frank's vehicle is much older than mine. It is his work truck. It's probably the vehicle voted "Least likely to be stolen" and yet he was hesitant to let Nick take it to drive to his girlfriend's house and park it on the street (it has an oil leak). I'm like, really? She lives in a high-end neighborhood and no one, NO ONE would touch this vehicle! When Nick looked devastated about not being able to go out and drive, I convinced Frank to let him take it.

And he did.

It was so weird to know that he was out and about on his own. Driving himself! He got there and back without incident and I was just so darn proud! Once he gets that starter fixed on his own car, I am going to be dancing in the street!!


Unknown said...

oh wow I'm dreading those days, I think I'll be a wreck!! So cool that he takes care of his own responsibilities though. Very cool!

Jen said...

We had that just last year. I have finally calmed down a bit. It took a while because of this only four hours after getting his license. I don't blame either of you for being hesitant.

Petula said...

It is an exhilarating moment, isn't it? Part excitement, part nervous wreck. I was riding with Amber yesterday in MY van and she had to get over 'cause the truck in front of her didn't have brake lights. She looked away to get over just as the van did an almost dead, abrupt stop. I said Amber! She maneuvered quickly and accurately. Although it scared me a little I was confident that she can handle the vehicle. I should pay myself on the back since I taught her to drive. :)

I hope the starter gets fixed soon. Good luck!

Frugal Vicki said...

I am so not looking forward to that day. I am looking forward to the day when I can look around and know my son has gone to the bathroom by himself and I don't have to find where it is on the floor!