Thursday, February 4, 2010

Do you do belated?

Did you ever forget someone's birthday? You know, it could be on your calendar but then maybe it just slips your mind and you don't call or send a card for that special day? Do you just forget about it? Say that you'll get them next year? Or do you maybe, just maybe send a belated card or gift? Maybe call them and say "Hey, sorry!"

This can be awkward, no doubt. I have to admit, where family is concerned, I usually call. I have gotten out of the habit of sending cards because I never get them out on time. So rather than constantly be late, unless I'm sending a gift, I just call.

If you forgot your grandchild's birthday, would you TRY and make it up to them? Maybe send a belated card or gift? Maybe NOT look like such an insensitive jerk? I'm sure most of you see where I'm going with this. My dad FORGOT Michael's birthday. Just forgot it. He called for Nick's birthday. He even sent a little something extra for Nick for Christmas since his birthday is so soon after it but Michael? He just blatantly ignored. I talked to my sister about this and apparently, he's aware that he missed it but doesn't find it necessary to do anything about it. I may be being overly sensitive here but I think that it's just wrong. Kids don't care if they get their gift ON their birthday, they're just pretty much excited about getting a gift. My sister didn't send dad a gift this year for Christmas and he STILL keeps dropping hints about it. So in his world, HE is entitled to a gift - even a belated one - but his ten-year old grandson is not.

Selfishness knows no bounds.

*Today's article is on a meeting about Dual Enrollment being held in Cary. You can read about it HERE. Thanks!*


Unknown said...

missing my blogging buddies so i'm stopping in to say hi and wish you a great day...hugz!

A.Marie said...

Stopping by to say Hi! I am feeling blah today, so I don't have much to say! :)

sundcarrie said...

I don't do much in the way of cards or gifts unless I am actually invited to a party. The only time I buy for a lot of people is Christmas and they get their gift at a family party.
On that note I don't have kids or grand-kids so it might be a little different if that was the case. In the last several years my husband and I have limited gifts at any occasion. When we do buy we try to give equal amounts to siblings.

jenn said...

My husbands parents, who are divorced, never remembered my kids birthdays. They did for his brother and sister's kids, but not ours. I think that might be part of the reason why we don't have anything to do with them anymore.

Oh, and it's my birthday today, so don't forget to come by and wish me a happy one ;p

Frugal Vicki said...

You know, I have to tell you that while I know these stories are painful for you, they are actually healing for me. My father has never recognized either of my children's births or Birthdays. When he see's them at my sister's children's parties, he ignores them completely. In fact, the only words he has ever said to my son is "hey dude", when Rylan was in his spot. Yet he has their names tattooed on his arm. He doesn't deserve such wonderful words to grace his body.