Monday, February 1, 2010

Politicians Behaving Badly

Okay, I have to admit, I am not a political person. I don't follow things like that other than my brief interest in our last presidential election where I went to the Sarah Palin rally. I do, however, get up early each morning and tune in to Good Morning America while getting Michael ready for school.

Maybe this topic is really big here in North Carolina only, maybe it a national thing, all I know is that John Edwards should be beyond ashamed of himself. Have you heard about this? I mean, here was a man that wanted to be President of the United States and he was screwing some woman while his wife was battling stage 4 cancer and is dying!! There are no words to even describe how disgusting this is. So, like it's not enough that he was sleeping with this woman and apparently making sex tapes and whatnot, he gets her pregnant.


Then, AGAIN, as if that wasn't enough, he uses all kinds of money from God knows where to keep this all quiet. And while he's shelling out money left and right - probably tax payer money - he's having discussions of the things he and this woman will do once his wife is dead. It makes me so damn angry just thinking about it! What kind of person does this? I mean, I know that politicians are KNOWN to be dishonest and greedy and unfaithful, blah, blah, blah, but as far as I know, none of them were so BOLDLY disrespectful to a dying woman...let alone a dying wife!

So it's not enough that this all comes out and his wife is publicly humiliated, oh no, that's not enough, the scummy aide who helped Edward's with his affair and keeping the mistress a secret now writes a tell-all book and is touring the media outlets. I don't know who I have less respect for now at this point, John Edwards or the aide.

Isn't it enough that Elizabeth Edwards is dying of cancer? She will not see her younger children grow up. She'll never hold her grandchildren. She's going through cancer treatment and now, because of these two DISGUSTING, greedy and selfish men, she has to be even more publicly humiliated.

I know that I have used this phrase before, but I'll use it again - there is not a hot enough place in hell for the likes of these men.


jenn said...

It's horrible, I totally agree. I thought southern men were supposed to be gentlemen...him and Sanford are giving southern men a bad name.

Mrs Sweetwater said...

oh johnny the pipes the pipes are calling.. he's basically out like a light. he couldn't get elected sheriff of an outhouse after this lil expose'. in my not so humble opinion he is just a DICK, without balls

CastoCreations said...

This isn't new news to those of us who do pay attention to politics. It's been a big story (mainly because the mainstream media did not cover it when it was happening) since before he was running for President.

And don't feel too bad for Elizabeth. She knew about a lot of his behavior and went along with the public "good" face scam.

Edwards is a total slime ball and lower than a used car salesman. But I've thought of him this way long before this whole sordid affair came out.

Karen said...

What is wrong with people that they think it is okay to behave like this? I am trying to think of positive influences and not get depressed by all the negatives. Winter gets me down!

Mike Golch said...

I agree 1,000% there is no place hot enough.They vio;ated a sacred trust,that was made in front of GOD! That right there is reason enought to be thrown into hell.

Frugal Vicki said...

I try not to listen to things I really don't want to know. It makes me angry yes, but it also reminds me of all the REALLY horrible secrets, even worse than this (even though that is hard to imagine) that we just never hear of.