Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Inappropriate conversations

Okay, maybe I am WAY off base here but this is something that has been bothering me and so I would like some opinions.

First, have you ever NOT liked someone's sibling? You know, you have a friend or an acquaintance and you do not like their family? Do you actually TELL them that? I know I never would. Why? Because it's inappropriate!

So here's my situation: My sister is dating a man who my husband and I used to be really good friends with - actually we were really good friends with him and his second wife. We liked him, the wife? Not so much. We always hung out together, I thought we all got along fine - she is super intelligent and a bit socially awkward - but I always welcomed her in my home and was nice. We found out withing 2 weeks of each other that we were pregnant, we got married a week apart and our kids were born the same day! Wild, right?

Later on I came to find out that she told all of my friends at my wedding that she did not think that Frank should marry me. Who does that?? She didn't even KNOW any of my friends but felt the need to share that opinion on my wedding day. Freak.

Okay back to present they are separated and my sister is dating this man and it seems that whenever they have to see his wife (no one knows when that divorce will actually happen) she finds the need to bash me to my sister. I find this very odd. My sister finds it funny because she knows that I don't like this woman. But it is weird to me that these two woman find the need to even discuss me. I realize that I am the only common ground that they have (well, except for the guy) but really? She told my sister that I used to come around "shaking my ass and dancing around" in front of her husband. You want to know what's funny about that? My husband was always there and he never saw such a sight.

So now, I have not seen or talked to this woman is almost 13 years and she is STILL carrying on over ...whatever? But here's the main thing, I guess, that is bothering me - is this woman bringing me up on her own because she is just a miserable, bitter freak or is my sister egging this on?

Either way, it is bad manners on both of them. I have had many friends over the years whose family members I could have done without but I kept that to myself! So what do you think? Do I let this high school behavior nonsense bother me or do I just laugh it off?


Lin said...

Well, I guess you should be flattered that you are so important to both of them that they feel the need to bring you up every single time they get together. That and your sister should end this silliness immediately by saying "she is my sister--I ADORE her!".

Buggys said...

This "Stace bashing" is totally inappropriate as far as I'm concerned. I would expect my sister to: 1. Defend me, 2. Verbally put a stop to these conversations.
Where is the loyalty?
Obviously this woman felt threatened by you for some reason of her own so I wouldn't care what she thinks.

Karen said...

This woman must feel threatened by your beauty and splendid personality.

Mom said...

Ignore it.

This is a sure sign that she has jealousy issues for some reason.

Ask your sister to keep the conversations to herself because you see no need to be involved.

I agree with Lin, too. Your sister could put an end to this immediately by how she reacts.

CastoCreations said...

Oh my goodness...I actually lost a friend because of her sister. Her sister is a little b**** and totally rude to me but blood is thicker than water. *shrug* It hurts but it is what it is. I certainly don't harbor any sort of anger or any emotion that would make me bring it up to other people.

Very odd behavior indeed.

Unknown said...

i couldn't say it any better than lin did!

hugz my friend!

Jen said...

I can't quite understand why your sister is talking to her boyfriend's soon to be ex wife (unless I have the relationship wrong). I suspect the wife is just trying to stir the pot between your sister and her ex husband. But, your sister should put a stop to it and she should stop telling you about it. And you should stop worrying about what a woman you haven't seen in 13 years thinks of you. I'm sure you have more important things to worry about.

sundcarrie said...

Well she was and still is jealous. If I were you I would just let it pass but I am a passive type when it comes to people who don't really matter in my life. I would ask myself it is worth the stress and worry over someone that really doesn't matter. You can't please everyone.

janaes jewels said...

You must be a super confident and beautiful woman to have been targeted by this envious woman for all of these years...
This is HER problem...not yours. Try not to give it a second thought that your existence seems to create such insecurity in her.
Rise above it...and encourage your sis to do the same...I would absolutely quote Lin's comments to her!

Your Sister said...

Did u forget to mention to all that i said that u have a sexy ass & should shake it!!!
How convenient CC (convenient Christian) always bring the negative up & not that she is just having a conversation w/ you! No one gives a shit about this & I think u should get a life.
PS I think it's bad manners once again to air out private conversations once again regarding my relationship. I had no choice but to be @ that house that day, I was giving a home to a stray cat, convenient again that u forget to mention this, why I was there.
This women doesnt' like u & u don't like her, so & it's been 15 years, time to graduate to a big girl.

Your Sister said...

Oh, & i'm sure u won't post this, but we laughed pretty good about this & we thought it was funny, obviously you continue to make it out like i'm the bad one when u infact are the "bashing one"
GET A LIFE & get over mine!
I'm so pissed @ you & sick of your bullshit, I stuck up for you when ann said her crap, so stop bullshiting your Bloggers & tell the truth!
This is why I don't read your nonsense & the fact that u tell stories to people that aren't exacty true.

StaceyC4 said...

I have nothing to be ashamed of. Here are your comments.

Frugal Vicki said...

I know, I know...where the h-e-double hockey sticks have I been and why would I bother comment now. Because I love you!

And I think all of this sounds like nothing but good old fashioned jealousy!

KC5UNQ said...

Stacey, your sister is a hoot! Very entertaining. You two should have a reality show! I usually don't watch reality shows but I would watch yours!! I love your stories! Keep them coming!