Thursday, October 1, 2009

Walking Away the....Marathon??

Okay, so one month to go to the half marathon. I've been doing my Walk Away the Pounds, I had mastered the 5-mile an hour walk. I was feeling good. Feeling healthy. I went out and purchased a good pedometer - not a cheapy Wal Mart one that both Danette and I agreed was not a good one. I set it up...well, Frank set it up and got down to walking.

And wanted to chuck it right out the window.

I have no doubt that this is a great pedometer. I researched them and found one in my price range that had all great reviews on Amazon. I think that the Walk Away the Pounds is lying! That's right, I said it! My five mile walk only registered 3.28 miles! So I thought about it and said, well maybe all the kicking, knee lifts and back kicks don't count for full steps so I skipped them the next time and no! I still come up with only 3/4 of a mile for her every mile! How can that be??

I'm sure that right now some of you are saying "Gee, Stace, maybe you're not doing it right!" IT'S WALKING!!! HOW CAN I NOT DO IT RIGHT??? I keep pace with her and sometimes even go faster because I'm in the zone! And I'm STILL not making her mile.

So I'm putting it out there to you, friends. What are your thoughts? I have a month to go and my confidence is SHOT! I went out walking yesterday on the trails of a new park. It was a beautiful day for walking. And in one hour...I manage 2.68 miles. Granted, it was very hilly terrain which I was not used to and my body is complaining BIG TIME today. But I'm curious for your ideas on which should I trust here: the new pedometer or the DVD?

Anyone? Anyone?


Beth said...

I'm interested in knowing the answer! I love WATP, and I've also trained in the past for a half marathon. (Circumstances didn't allow me to participate, but I DID do a 13 mile training walk.)

Either way, keep up the good work!

Jennifer said...

Map out a route with your car or go to a school track that you know is a mile and test the pedometer, then you'll know for sure.

jenn said...

I agree with Jennifer above...walk what you know is a mile, and see what the pedometer says.

Roo said...

Good suggestion Jennifer. Either way Stace, keep it up. Three plus miles is nothing to be ashamed of and if 5 miles takes you a little longer than so be it. Don't lose your determination!!!!

only for biz said...

hey you are on my list of top droppers.....check it out

A.Marie said...

Hi there! Very strange, that's all I can say! If I were you, I'd use another pedometer and try it again. Or, to check that this new one really works, use Jennifer's idea. Something tells me that the pedometer is not working right!!

I had a cheapy pedometer and a more expensive one, and I loved the el-cheapo one. It worked harder and longer and was much more accurate! :)

One with many names said...

Hmmm, I'm not much on Marathons :) I just look at the signs for trails and go with the distances the park and recreation groups list... So I don't do much walking on non-trails. I bike ride, but we have one of those bike computers that tells us.

Bekah said...

Does your pedometer have a way to set it? Many pedometers are set for a "standard" pace, but if your pace is longer or shorter it won't register the number of steps as a mile.