Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Enough with the Balloon Boy Hoax!!

I remember being on line last week and seeing this story unfolding all over the internet. Then I ran to the living room and turned on the TV. An out of control weather balloon that looked like a flying saucer was spinning around in the sky and the last anyone knew, a six year old boy was in the basket that was attached to it.

It was horrifying because as you watched the footage, suddenly you were like "Where's the basket?" Now you feel sick because you're thinking "OMG, it's GONE! That boy is probably dead somewhere from falling out of the sky!!" I was near tears watching this drama unfold, holding my son close to me and thinking that I would never let him out of my sight again.

But then, miracle of miracles, the boy is found ALIVE! In a box! In his...attic?? What in the world? As it turns out, this whole thing was a hoax made up by the family who was desperately trying to get their own reality TV show! They had already been a part of one, and now they wanted one of their own and so what better way to ensure that than to create your own overly dramatized, grab the attention of the world, media stunt.


I mean, REALLY??? Now they are all over the news, it comes out that it was a hoax, the cops are pissed, the media is pissed and yet...they are STILL all over my TV. Now there's talk of the children being taken away and this sparked a HUGE debate in my home. Frank says no, I say yes. Why? Well, first their is contributing to the delinquency of a child. Frank says no. I say, if you teach these kids (who the youngest is 6!) that it is okay to lie and get the cops and the media involved just to get attention, who KNOWS what these kids will grow up doing! I know that none of us are the perfect parent, but for crying out loud, I don't know anyone who actually ENCOURAGES their kids to lie to authorities so that they can get attention!

Frank's theory is that the kids live in a nice home, they look well taken care of so we should just leave them alone. The parents should have to pay for all of the expenses utilized when they were "searching" for their child but other than that, let them be. Okay, fine. So the kids LOOK okay? Did we not just learn anything from the Duggard case? People SAW those kids, social services came to the house! And NO ONE seemed to notice that they were living in tents in the backyard and that their mother was a victim of kidnapping! But as long as the kids LOOK okay, well...I'm sure then they're fine! I know, I know, I'm over exaggerating here but I think that if these parents are so concerned with getting famous that they would go to these lengths, are they even paying attention to the kids except to prompt them to lie??

Don't we have enough dishonest adults wandering the earth? Most of which are running this country and the big corporations? Do we really need to keep feeding that beast?

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Sherri said...

I am so tired of Balloon Boy story. I have to say I can't even bring myself to listen anymore. It's so sad that these people crave attention that the expense of their children. How did they think this would get them a reality show is what confuses me?

Roo said...

I know what you mean...try living right here with it! I live in the Denver area and Ft Collins is just an hour north. Their news is our news. It's all over the local news on every broadcast. Then you go to the national news and it's there too!!!!

Grampy said...

In my opinion the man is a danger to the children.Most likely his wife also.I believe she is kept as a slave rather than a wife.Take him away and the whole family will thrive.Again in my opinion.

Anne said...

I am not sure how someone could think it was a good idea to build your future based upon hiding your 6 year old in the attic. It might still get him a reality show. Look at Octomom. People are not opposed to watching bad parenting.

Noreena said...

Quite frankly, it is the staging and premeditation that makes me sick. I saw the dad on Wife Swap and he is wacko.

Frugal Vicki said...

there are so many bad things these parents do, maybe not abuse per say, but I don't think making the kids sleep in their clothes in case they need to chase a tornado in the middle of the night classifies as parent of the year, either. I agree to get them off the news. Are they not getting exactly what they want?