Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More from the wedding...

Okay, you all wanted to see a few more pictures from the wedding, so here they are! Just know this...I made sure all pictures of me were taken from the waist up! Cute dress, fat body. You do the math!

I have to admit, Frank and I photographed well all day long! I love when that happens! You know when you're dating, you take lots of couples pictures. Then you get married and have kids and all of the pictures become of the kids and you are just background products or doing you're best to stay OUT of the shot because you are a mess. Well, I felt pretty on Saturday and enjoyed once again having my picture taken with my husband!

My boy looked SO HANDSOME!!! I wanted to cry when I
saw him. Then he opened his mouth and made me feel stupid for gushing over him. But all was just made me photograph him even more. Frank warned me before we even got out of the car that I was not allowed to go up to Nick and "fix" him in any way, shape or form. No spitting on a napkin to get a smudge off and anything like that. Please...I SO stopped doing that years ago. I did swipe some sort of fuzzy thing off and got in trouble for it though. He is the third one from the left in this.

The bride was absolutely STUNNING. I know that we are "supposed" to say that about all brides but Laura honestly and truly was. I watched her walk down the aisle and I was just...well, jaw on the floor. It was very sweet watching her dad pace out in the hallway before the wedding. As I watched him I turned to Frank and said "You know, you are never going to know that feeling." I wasn't saying it to be mean, but it just hit me then that we don't have a daughter and we'll never be the nervous ones!

All I can say about these two is that they are just beautiful together. They always photograph well together and as I was taking pictures of them through-out the day, all I could think was they when they get married, they are going to have
BEAUTIFUL children. Then I got sick thinking about the fact that I am old enough to have a son who is thinking about getting married and having children!!

This is like the 700th shot of us like this that I have taken in the last two years! We are such hams for the camera and if there is a reason for the camera to be out, eventually we will be face to face like this saying cheese. The weird effect with the lights going across us just make it look more dramatic! I love my boy. I got a little weepy every time he walked across the room looking so grown up. Sure, he refused to sit with us at the reception but...that's a story for another time!

Michael and I don't do the face to face thing AS much, but we sure had fun doing it this night. It is only when I see us this close together that I finally see that he does, in fact, look like me. For most of his life, we've referred to him as a mini-Frank, but there is no denying that I am him mom when we have pictures like this one! This was his first-ever tie. Actually, it was his first-ever REAL dressy outfit that wasn't a hand me down and he looked so grown up too!

Okay, the final act th
at nearly brought me down (after realizing that I'm old enough to have a son that can soon get married, to seeing my 9 year old wearing men's shoes) was when Beckah caught the bouquet and Nick caught the garter. At least they were gracious enough to have pity on the bride's father and NOT go through the ritual of putting the garter on her. I think I would have had to leave the room myself, at that point! You know, I think that it wasn't "truly" rigged, but it seemed like a strange coincidence!

It was a lovely wedding and we did so much enjoy ourselves. Just pray that we don't have to start planning one of our own any time soon!


Sherri said...

Yeah! Pictures! Those are great! Whew...thank goodness they did forgo the garter tradition. I wouldn't have been able to watch either. They are our babies, right?

jenn said...

Great pictures! Your little guy does look a lot like you.

I can not wait until the day i see my son in a tux...yours looked so handsome!

Lola said...

Great photos! You little guy does look a lot like you.

Natalie said...

Great pictures! And man, my poor husband, he'll be the one pacing like crazy...we only have daughters (so far).

A Lil Enchanted said...

Great pics Stace! You're sooo pretty and your guys are really handsome :)

A Lil Enchanted,

Frugal Vicki said...

Awwww! I love love pictures. You and your man look very happy and in love, you could tell you were enjoying the moment!