Sunday, November 2, 2008

That's Right, I Rallied....

I had a new experience yesterday. I went to a political rally. Yes, little ol' me who is so NOT in to politics, went to a Sarah Palin rally. I really, really like her. I enjoy listening to her because for a politician, I can understand what she is saying. And please, I am not opening up the floodgates here for a political debate. Everyone has the right to who they want to support and I am not using this space to argue that point, I'm merely talking about the fun that I had with my friends.

So we arrived at the fairground several hours early and had a great spot in line - under the over-hang, very shaded. We laughed, we snacked and in general were just jazzed to be there. It took three hours before we were let in to the building and then we waited another three hours before things really got started. All in all it was a long day. But the cool thing was because we had such great spots in line outside, we got a great spot inside. Granted, there were no chairs and it was cooler outside than it was inside but you still could enjoy all of the excitement in the room without wanting to peel your own skin off.

Sarah Palin came out around 7:20 and man! She is just as I expected. I mean, she is just a regular person. I can't listen to any politician for 30 minutes without my mind going numb, but I was hearing everything that she had to say and was bummed when it was over! The "First Dude" was with her and although we had all hoped that her kids would come out - particularly little Piper - they were not with her. After her speech, she came down in to the crowd and shook hands and gave autographs and my friend Cathleen even got one! I know she and her husband were, well, to say psyched would be an understatement. They are huge fans and I was so happy for them that they not only got to see her in person, but got to leave there with an autograph. How cool for them.

As for me, I got some great pictures. I was scrapbooking in my mind. The only down side to the whole day was that I came to the realization that I truly am short. Seriously. Not just a little short, but really, really short. I felt like a toddler in a room full of adults. Some guy behind me took pity on my and would occassionally take pictures for me so that I would have some at a normal angle! How sad is that? I would just stand there with my little arms up over my head snapping away and just hoping that I was actually getting PEOPLE in the frame! I deleted a LOT of pictures on the way home that were of just nothing. So to all of the tall people who helped me out yesterday - thanks.

And to my friends who helped me get interested in what is going on in the world and invited me to join them to go and see the real Sarah Palin and not just watch Tina Fey imitate her (which no matter who you are, it's still just funny!), I thank you.

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