Monday, November 17, 2008

Isn't 'some' more than 'none'?

Again, I am the first to admit that I am certainly no math whiz, but even I can grasp the concept that to have 'some' or something means more than having 'none'. Why is it so hard for others to get that?

Okay, the economy is slow. We get it. My husband is a painter. Somewhat self employed. He has the opportunity to do some small jobs. They are one-day types of things. He has nothing else on his "to do" list work-wise, so I'm thinking, hey, thank God for these little jobs. But for some reason, he is hesitant to do them. "What if something bigger comes along?" Well, okay, but what if NOTHING comes along! Do the darn little jobs because right now there is a $0.00 paycheck coming in when there could at least by something with a REAL number coming in. This has been an on-going argument for years and it still blows my mind.

My eight year old grasps this concept in a bit weird of a way. He likes to go out and play. If we have someplace to go in say, 30 minutes, he will utilize that 30 minutes to the fullest. He will go out, run around until he is breathless and then jump in the car (sometimes on the first call!) and be ready to go. The teenager, well, I don't think he grasps a whole lot in this department and if he does, he's going to twist it around so that I have no idea what we're even talking about anymore.

Why can't they all just think like me and make my life easier?

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