Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just Remember, You Asked...

So it's day three of my detox. I am glad to say that I found a more palatable way to drink this vile stuff. I mix it with apple juice instead of water. It's really quite good. The taste of the apple juice actually covers the hideousness that is the detox. So what took me two hours to drink, now only takes 20 minutes. Quite the difference.

How am I feeling, many of you have asked? Well...I had visions of sharing this experience with all of you and have it be filled with things like "I feel awesome!" or "I have so much energy!" but the reality is that if I were to share it all with you, I'd be talking about poo. A lot of poo. Lots and lots of poo. Let's just leave it colon is most definitely getting a good cleansing and say no more.

Actually, I do feel pretty good. My tummy feels flatter. I'm not eating anything weird. I'm quite literally doing the things that I did on my Disney diet so I don't feel like I'm being deprived of anything. I should probably be eating a bit more fruits and vegetables but again, poo. Tomorrow we're going out to dinner with some friends. To a restaurant. I'm not really looking forward to it because A.) I will have to watch what I am eating - but then again, that's not a bad thing,
B.) I may have to excuse myself with a bit more frequency than usual and finally C.) No dessert. Part of the thrill of going out to dinner is getting to have some dessert. But NO! I decide to detox now. My timing always did stink.

So in the grand scheme of things, this detox is not a total waste of my time. I'm not seeing or feeling anything miraculous but I guess as long as it's doing what it is supposed to to my insides, then it's worth it. If it doesn't and I'm just drinking this icky stuff for no good reason, well then...


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