Monday, January 14, 2013

The Indie Romance Convention

I'm not going to lie to you...I TOTALLY want to go to this!  I believe it is the first one EVER and I think that I've had a pretty good experience thus far as an Indie Romance Writer and would love to go to a convention and meet other like-minded people and sort of brainstorm and network and see what I can do to get even further along.

Will there be a red carpet?  Probably not.  Which is too bad really because I happen to look fabulous on the red carpet.  Don't believe me, check out my post from the Carolina Music Awards.  I rocked it!

So anyway, other than being a smokin hot hottie on the red carpet...oh, wait, there won't be one.  So why do I want to go to this thing again?  That's right, because I'm a smokin hot Indie Romance Writer, that's why!  It's a two-day convention, it's in Tennessee and to me, I would feel like I totally "arrived" if I could go and be a part of it.  But what would be better than just going and being a convention guest.

Being nominated for an award.


THAT, my friends, is the dream.  I am looking for nominations in the Best Indie Romance Novella category for "The Christmas Cottage".  If you've read it, if you've seen it, if you're tired of hearing me talk about it, then PLEASE go to the 2013 Indie Romance Convention Choice Awards Nominations ballot and case your vote!  You can click HERE and go directly to the link.  You do NOT have to fill in all of the categories, just the one for me!  LOL!  

I'm gearing up.  I started Weight Watchers today.  I'm getting some professional author head-shots done on Sunday.  I am totally in "If you dream it, you can do it" mode.  Thank you, Walt Disney.  Help me make 2013 the year that I achieve literary success beyond what we've done so far with this little holiday romance novella.  It really has gone far beyond what I ever imagined it would do and I don't want to lose steam.  

It's been pretty cool seeing so many reviews pop up that are from people that I have no association with.  People are reading it and enjoying it and wanting to share that enjoyment with others.  It makes me smile every time a new one pops up.  People have gotten kinder and that has made it more enjoyable, too!

So in conclusion, go to Amazon and LIKE the book;  then BUY the book and then go over to the Indie Romance Convention ballot and VOTE for the book.  LIKE, BUY, VOTE.  Three little steps and the pleasure of knowing that you helped someone achieve their dream.

Not a bad way to spend your day!  THANK YOU!!

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