Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's hard to be sick when you're a celebrity...

...I almost couldn't even type that without laughing hysterically!  

I'm sick. And no, just the funny/sick in the head sick, but physically sick.  I have bronchitis and I am miserable.  I had the opportunity to tape that morning talk show tomorrow but I am sick.  Who would want to watch a cooking segment where the guest coughed all over the food?  Or who would understand what a book was about when the author couldn't say three words without coughing!

Dang it, people, Samantha Chase/author has a book to promote and she's too sick to do it!!!  I have to snap out of it because I'm not that big of a name yet where people are going to remember me in a week's time.  Humbling, I know, but the truth nonetheless.

I went to the doctor yesterday, a big burly guy who talks a lot like Yosemite Sam and it's sometimes hard to take him seriously, but he listens to me and he doesn't fuss around a whole lot.  The entire appointment took less than ten minutes and he gave me some fabulous prescription cough medicine.  The problem?  It has codeine in it so I clearly can only take it at night.

This is no help to me whatsoever during the day when I am out and about at my job and around people.  Although I can guarantee you that I am HILARIOUS while on this stuff.  It took Frank all of five minutes last night of listening to me ramble and then almost trip over my own feet before he asked "What's going on with you?"

I'm a lightweight with this stuff but I don't want to be because all I want is to feel better!

I was author and book of the day today on  A pretty cool little site and I would have loved to promote the heck out of it more but I am just so run down!  I wanted to just bask in the glory of being in the spotlight on the website and it's hard to feel shiny giddy when you're coughing up a lung.


And believe me, I look as bad as I feel right now. Although not in that picture.  Don't I look sassy there?

So check out and see me in the spotlight!  Go to and buy "The Christmas Cottage" or go and click like.  I just need a few more weeks in the top 50!  Share the link with your friends and co-workers!!

Making progress on the new book too during all of this.  I'm working with an artist on the cover and I think that we're going to be okay with having the rough draft done for January 31st and hopefully a full blown media launch for mid-February and then a full book release by the first of March.  Stay tuned!!

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