Sunday, August 12, 2012

When the only child grows up...

When I was growing up, I only knew one friend who was an only child.  We spent a lot of time together; I practically lived in her house over the summer.  She was a little self-centered and selfish, kind of mean at times but for the most part, I didn't overly concern myself with those traits because she was my friend.

As an adult when you know someone who grew up as an only child, those traits are BLAZINGLY obvious to the point of being painful.

Case in point, we (Frank and I) are friends with a couple where the husband is an only child.  The man dominates every conversation, he'll cut off whatever is being talked about for the sake of being heard.  He is loud, offensive and basically, when he does not get his way he will go in to a major pout and then threaten to leave.  

A pouting, whining 50 year old man is not something anyone should have to see and really, he should be ashamed of himself.  He is married and he and his wife have only one child.  

She is the devil.

She is the reason that I refuse to go their home anymore.  She is the reason I do not invite them to my home anymore.  At age 6 I have watched her have her parents jumping through hoops at midnight because she wants something to eat, drink, etc. or because she wants to watch TV RIGHTNOW!  And these idiots do it!

I understand that clearly this type of child-rearing is all this guy knows; he was a spoiled brat so obviously, his child is going to be one, too.  I can only imagine what it's like in that house for his poor wife when these two want something at the same time!

There's another adult only child in my life and while I love this person to pieces, I have to limit the time I spend with her otherwise I get mean.  I've reacted badly to some of her behavior and while I know I was justified, the pouting that went on and the snit that followed were just ridiculous.

How do you make someone who grew up as the center of attention everywhere they went and who was taught that they are the only people in the world that matters see that as an adult, it's not all about them?  These people make lousy friends, neighbors, co-workers - you name it!  And yet I seem to be surrounded by them.

Makes for a pretty miserable day sometimes...

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Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

I fear this, with my daughter seemingly to be an only child, that she will become overly spoiled. I try to keep those ground rules going as best as I can.