Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Flour Baby

So Michael's taking a class this semester called Exploring Career Decisions and they do all kinds of things in it and not all of them are about career's.  They are doing the Red Cross babysitting course and they are learning about responsibility by making a flour baby.

Yes, a flour baby.

We are transforming a five pound bag of flour in to a baby.  I had to buy a sleeper, some material and poly-filler (?) to make it's head and fill out its body.  This was NOT an inexpensive project.  Besides those objects we needed safety pins, rubber bands, a Sharpee, masking tape...I mean, all of this for a baby that he's going to carry around for a week.

Seriously, couldn't I just buy a doll?  

I'll post pictures when it's complete.  

It was either this or carrying around an egg for a week.  He felt safer with the five pound bag of flour dressed as a faceless baby.  Go figure.

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