Friday, August 10, 2012

Love It or List It?

This show on HGTV has become one of my new favorites.  Each episode features a family/house where the spouse's are divided on whether or not they are going to stay in the house or sell it.  It's actually pretty funny hearing what divides people on this decision and why some people want to actually STAY in a house that clearly isn't working for their family.

The "hosts" of the show are a riot.  Hillary is an interior designer and it is her job to do the make-over on the house using the budged that the couple provides and actually give them all of the must-haves that the spouse who wants to sell gives them - thus making them "love" the house again.

David is a realtor whose job is to find the couple a new home with all of the must haves that the spouse who doesn't want to sell gives him and make it work in the budget that the couple gives them.

You would not believe the issues that come up each week.  It's a little predictable.  Inevitably, Hillary is going to dig in to a very ambitious home renovation (walls will be knocked down, rooms will be stripped down to the studs) and then BAM! Something happens that stalls the entire project and some of those must-haves will get crossed off of the list due to no money in the budget.

Then there's the new house hunt.  David will look in the "wrong" area and the couple won't consider it or the spouse who doesn't want to sell will be so obnoxious about knit-picking every aspect of the houses they're shown that you want to smack them.

Predictable and yet I can't turn away!  Monday night, 9 p.m. on HGTV.  If nothing else, you'll probably relate the these couples and try and figure out in the end if you'll love it or list it!

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