Monday, August 6, 2012

I'm not ashamed to ask for my money back...

So on Saturday Frank and I were trying to decide what we wanted for lunch.  Michael was out and it was just the two of us and we decided that we really wanted some sandwiches.  

I make FANTASTIC sandwiches.  

It comes from growing up int he deli business.

So I send him to Harris Teeter to get some Boars Head rare roast beef, some fresh Kaiser rolls and some provolone.  I write it all down including the instructions that the roast beef be sliced THIN.  I'm a freak about that.  For some reason, stores down here feel the need to slice their meat in slabs.

I do NOT enjoy that.

He goes to the store, comes back and I head to the kitchen to create sandwich masterpieces.  The first issue?  NOT sliced thin.  I commented on this to him and he was like "It IS thin!  The guy gave me a slice to taste."  Okay, fine.  Clearly we have different ideas on what is thin and what's not.  Fine.  I make his sandwich - and it was beautiful - and bring it out and present it to him.  

It just continued down hill from there.

I go back to make MY sandwich and I go in to the roast beef and it's really NOT rare and after taking off of the second slice, it was all fat!  It was disgusting.  I was beyond pissed.  So I told Frank that I would pick through and get what I could but then I am going back to the Teeter and complaining and getting my money back.  He thought I was crazy.

I am.

But 2 hours later I stood at the customer service desk with my bag o beef and got DOUBLE my money back!  At $13 a pound, that was a wonderful surprise.  I'm not going to lie, I did feel a little petty when she handed me that money back but then I did a major food shopping (NOT in the deli department!) and more than made up for returning the beef.

I don't do stuff like this often but I believe in getting what you pay for and if you let places get away with overcharging you for something that isn't edible, their service will never improve.

I'll get down from my soap box now.

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