Tuesday, May 22, 2012


So at the end of this week I will be at my job for a full year!  I cannot even believe it!  In that year I went from being a part-time employee to a full-time one and I have learned so much.  I love just about every one that I work with (there are a couple of exceptions) and for the most part I am just beyond thankful to have found such a place to work.

Until today.

I am bumming so hard right now that I have spent a large part of the night crying.  When I was hired, part of my employment required me to work at least one Saturday a month.  This was not a big deal because originally there were four of us in the rotation and really, once a month isn't a big deal and when I was working part-time, those extra hours came in handy.  

Then, when things were really bad for us and we were struggling so much financially, I took two sometimes three Saturday's a month and no one seemed to mind that at all.  Those extra hours really helped out a lot during those scary months.

Well now, fast forward to the present and when I got my promotion, one of the first things I said to one of my bosses was that I wanted off of the Saturday rotation because that would have me in the office six days a week.  NO ONE in the office does six days a week.  


Well, it couldn't happen right away because there wasn't enough coverage and so to compensate me (or rather, to shut me up a bit) it was decided that on the weeks that I work a Saturday, I could leave early on the Wednesday.  It all sounds good but really, it's not.  Frank isn't home, Michael isn't home and so I'm still missing family time and then, on the flip side, there's not enough time to truly enjoy no one being home because 90 minutes after I get home, Michael is getting off the bus.  It's a sucky situation.  

So I sat down with the other two people on the Saturday rotation (because the fourth person was lucky enough to be able to opt out of them) and I still got stuck with more Saturdays than I wanted because the other two are slackers.  I was livid.  These two are young and while one is married, neither have children.  I was working THREE jobs and still got stuck doing the damn Saturdays but I was assured that this would be temporary.

At the end of June, it will be three months.  So today I sat down with my office manager and told her that after June, I'm off the Saturdays.  She understood, I thanked her and I felt really, really good.

That lasted all of three hours.

I was then told that what I wanted was not an option and we will all sit down with the calendar again and work out the next couple of months.  I was devastated.  I mean, these other two slackers sit on their lazy asses and say "Oh, I can't" and when I say it, I'm told I have to??  That is beyond crazy and unfair and you know what?  I HATE saying something is unfair because I sound like an 8 year old!

In the year I've been there I've worked any and all extra hours they've asked for, I've covered on people's vacations I help anyone that needs help and now that I am asking for the help, I'm told no?

The warm fuzzies are now officially gone...

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Xiaoding said...


Perhaps it's just that your the last hired? There must be some reason the other two don't have to do it.

Otherwise, time to look for a better job.