Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Whirwind wedding weekend

So this last weekend Frank and I took a trip up to New Jersey (with no kids!) for his nephew's wedding.  We left Thursday night, drove to the Maryland/Delaware border, stayed the night at a hotel and then took the ferry to Cape May, New Jersey and drove the remainder of the way where we stayed the weekend and came home on Sunday.

It was fast and wonderful.  We spent time with Frank's sister and her family who we have not seen in almost 17 years!  The nephew that was getting married?  We hadn't seen him since he was 10!  I feel truly honored that we were even included in the guest list and it was an amazing visit.

First off, the ferry.  Why had I not heard of this before?  It's so ridiculous but we had so much fun!  We drove the car right on and it was an hour and 20 minute ride but for two people who haven't been on the water in almost 20 years, it was damn near paradise!  I took a TON of pictures like an idiot.

Then there was my black dress.  If I do say so myself, I looked fabulous.  I would have preferred to have been about 10 pounds thinner but that's my own fault for not making more of an effort to make it happen.  I tried really hard that last week to be extra good and work out a lot and all I managed to do was gain 2 damn pounds!  I hate the scale.

My husband looked so handsome all dressed up and I realized that we just never go anywhere that lets us dress up.  I'm going to have to do something about that because we look good dressed up!  At the wedding we were voted the cutest "older" couple by his nephews and their wives/girlfriends.  Sort of a backhanded compliment but I'll take it!

We had a big breakfast out with the family before getting on the road on Sunday and while I know that our moving to NC was the right thing for us, seeing the nephews and Frank's sister again made me realize how much we missed.  Our boys weren't with us and so I realize that they (meaning Frank's family) missed out on a lot of stuff in our lives, as well.  I was a little sad getting in the car.  We all promised not to let so much time go by before seeing each other again.

we'll see...

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