Sunday, February 5, 2012

When Your Husband Joins Facebook...

A couple of weeks ago, something strange happened in my home.  Nick came for dinner that night and I had to sit him down so that he heard the news from me and not from one of his friends.  To this day I have a hard time understanding where we went wrong and how we got to this place but...

Frank got a Facebook page.

He who has mocked us, jeered at us and just flat out told us we were all stupid, has joined the masses and gotten himself a Facebook page.  During all of his online job hunting I guess he thought this was another way to network.  So far, he's been harmless although when we were shopping the other night he turned to me and asked if I was going to go out with a particular friend of mine and when I looked at him strangely (because the question had come out of no where) he was like "I saw it on your wall."

My wall?
You're reading my wall?
You know what a wall is?

It's all just a little too strange for me right now.  I'm not sure what to do with him! I posted some pictures on his page and some links those first few days so that he didn't look so "un-social" and plain but he seems to be doing okay on his own.  He's got people friend requesting him and even though one of them was his ex wife (he did not accept) I totally trust him to not do anything stupid on there.

I just feel like we've crossed into a parallel universe!

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