Monday, February 6, 2012

Ereaders, who knew?

I have to admit, I fought the wave of the eReaders.  I am an old fashioned girl who enjoys holding an actual book in my hands and turning the pages.

Or so I thought.

Frank bought me a Kindle Touch for Christmas and while I put on a brave face and smiled and thanked him, inside I was like "Why?  Why would he do this to me?  Doesn't he know me at all?"  So it took some time to charge and I went on my merry little way that day and by dinner time he had looked at me, rather sadly, and was like "Don't you like your Kindle?"  The mean girl in me wanted to yell "NO!  As a matter of fact, I do NOT like it!  I told you I don't like eReaders; why would you buy me one?" But in the spirit of Christmas, I did not and I said that I was just waiting for it to charge so that I could learn it.

I was a complete spaz with it those first few weeks.  It was awkward and I kept forgetting how to get where I wanted to go and just when I was ready to smash it against a wall, it turned out that it was defective and I really wasn't so spazzy after all!  Yeah, me!  

The other day I was shopping and was wanting a new book and so I scanned the book aisle at the Super Target and put a book in my cart and then realized, wait a minute, I can get this cheaper on my Kindle!  It was like a lightbulb moment.  I have, quite possibly, a hundred paperback books in storage that have not gotten taken through Paperback Swap so why would I keep adding to that collection?  So I came home, downloaded (uploaded?  still don't know the difference on that one!) the book and happily read it while sitting in bed.  It was GLORIOUS!

I am looking forward to putting a couple of books on there for the road trip to South Carolina.  I love how tiny and compact the Kindle is and I love that I no longer have to find space in the shed for paperbacks - except for the ones I already have!  It's good to join the masses and see for myself what all of the fuss was about.  I'm sure I'll eventually want to upgrade to the Fire or something, but for now, the Touch is PERFECT.

Thank you to my wonderful husband for getting me the perfect gift that I almost hated.  You are the best!

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