Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My buddy...

Way back when, when Stace was but a child, our family was supposed to move to Florida.  We were living in New York and we had sold our house and most of our furniture when my mom decided that she, in fact, did NOT want to move to Florida.  We rented a house temporarily and then moved in to a house in another town.  It was the summer between 2nd and third grade and where I met one of my best friends.

I was doing work around the house with my dad before we moved in and she was skateboarding down her driveway four houses away.  My dad encouraged me to go down and introduce myself but I didn't want to so he took me down there and handled it all himself.  He was pushy, I was shy; he's still pushy, I'm not still shy.

Anyway, here we are 35 years later and we are still friends and today is her birthday.  To my buddy Linda, you always make me smile and I am so thankful that we've been friends these many, many years.  I hope that you have a wonderful birthday and I look forward to another 35 years of friendship.  Are we rocking those sunglasses or what???

 And yes, I'm still rocking the sunglasses...some things never change!  Love you, my friend!!

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