Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Tides They Are A Turnin'!

As you know, I have two sons that are eight years apart. Sometimes it's hard to compare them because there is such an age difference. Nick was always super friendly, very talkative and you could take him anywhere. I GET him.

Michael is not as social, he's more emotional and not so easy to take around with me. There are times that I look at him and just think...??? But Michael, for all of his little quirks, was the snuggler. Oh, how I love the mornings because he would just come in and snuggle and truly want to be there. I knew I should cherish each and every one of those moments because they wouldn't last long. Well, that's what everyone told me but I refused to believe it.

Well I believe it NOW!

Lately, my sweet little snuggler is quite the grouch in the morning - particularly on school mornings. He yells at me and has flat out told me "No" when I asked if he was coming in to snuggle. Now, I know, I know, he's nine and he was bound to outgrow this, but he didn't have to be so nasty about it!

Then there's school. He's never been a big fan of school but he would go and come home and when I would ask how his day was, he's say it was good and that would be it. Now that question is met with a "good...but". Oy. When it's time for homework, it is a MAJOR power struggle with a ton of "I don't CARE about homework!"

Um, where did my sweet little boy go and who let this argumentative little person who resembles my child in?? I have to admit, I'm having a hard time adjusting to this. I know that kids grow up and I remember when Nick went from being a sweet little boy to an argumentative...person, but I thought he was little bit older than nine, like maybe twelve or thirteen.

This is not good...

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sheila said...

Where did your boy go? He's gone, unitl he's about 25 - as far as the snuggling go, tell him, look, if you want to eat or go out or buy video games you will snuggle me NOW! It's ok if you make him - just tell him that's why he's so grouchy - he's not getting enough snuggles from mom.

Can you tell I have boys that are 9, 12 and 19 years old?

Petula said...

Yes, it's definitely an art to adjust to the changing emotions, maturity and attitude of children. I clearly remember the transition with my oldest and I realize we as parents have to adjust, change and grow just like they do... It's hard to be one step ahead of them, but I'm sure if you sprint you'll catch up. :) Good luck.

Gigi said...

I so know how you feel. My boy wasn't a snuggler as an infant but was as a toddler and little guy. Now, if I even touch him, he shrugs me off. Even when we aren't around people!! And, as I told him, it's hard to keep the hands off because he's mine!!!

Unknown said...

i must be the fortunate one, as both of my kids still like to snuggle with me (i really miss them). especially if they are having a hard time they know that momma will snuggle with them and help them feel better. they won't shrug me if i need some snuggling myself either, i am very blessed.

i like sheila's idea...hehehe