Sunday, August 23, 2009

Super Sunday Savings...

So it's Sunday and it was food shopping day. I mentioned not too long ago that I'm getting all back in to couponing and all that and so after four hours of work yesterday, my coupons are sorted and organized in a big binder. Who knew that it was going to be such a production!!

I went through all of the sales fliers, went on line to the two stores I would be going to and made the list of all of the things that they had that I wanted, I checked with Instasave and E-Vic to get my extra saving. For those of you who are big on discounting and all of that, brace yourselves. I quit the Grocery Game. I know, I know. I may regret it somewhere down the line. But I was three weeks in to my four week trial and not once did I find anything that I use on there that I hadn't already found myself. So I'm saving the $5-$10 a month and doing the legwork myself.

I left home with my binder, lists and calculator. I felt like such a nerd! I hit store number one - Harris Teeter. They had a TON of BOGO's on stuff that I actually use so this was a great time to stock up. Keep in mind, we are a family of four - essencially three adults and one child who eats as much as, if not more than the adults. On weeks that I purchase cleaning products and everything along with the food, I spend close to $200 and I STILL end up back in the store at some point during the week!

I get through HT in about 35 minutes and paid a total of $106 BUT I had SAVED $127!!! I was so psyched!! On to store number two - Lowes Foods. Not as many BOGO's but still some great sales plus I get my gas points there. So I go and breeze through the store in 30 minutes, fill up my cart and paid a total of $101 and saved $66!!

When I got home I had to rearrange the ENTIRE kitchen because I now essentially have two weeks worth of food for the same amount of money I spend on one week!! How cool is that?

I wonder if there's anything to eat?

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Unknown said...

"wonder if there's anything to eat"
lol, that was always my big question. after i done all that shopping i wouldn't feel like cooking.

A Lil Enchanted said...

That's awesome Stace!! Doesn't it just give you a natural high to save money like that?! I really need to organize my coupons... I used to be sooo organized with everything... but I've let things go for so long that I know that it will take hours just to do the coupons.

My worry about the grocery game is just what you said... but I guess it wouldn't hurt to try it for the trial period.

By the way... you have awards over on my blog :)

A Lil Enchanted,

Jane said...

hi stace, thanks for visiting and always dropping on my site..thanks for the comment too...

KellieS said...

Hi Stacey,

I found you at Without a Dash, thought I'd say hello. I'm Kellie from Women's Life Link. Suzanne is great! I love her philosophy on life.

Couponing can be rewarding at the check out but it's such a hassle to do all the searching and organizing. Sounds like you do it well.

See you around the blogosphere


Sherri said...

Yippee for coupons!!! I use a binder too and I love the looks I get. I'm still using the grocery game but wondering if I need it too.

jenn said...

Wow. When are you available to do my shopping??? lol!

Maria@Conversations with MOms said...

I'm the same way after shopping. Sometimes it's easier when there isn't all those choices. LOL.

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

WTG! Isn't that saving money feeling a great one? :)

I don't bother with The Grocery Game either, I didn't find it worth it. Like you said, I can find it on my own!

Lola said...

My record for saving with coupons and BOGO's at Meijer is $220.

I've been getting in the bad (or good depending on your perspective) habit of doing the bulk of my grocery shopping in one huge trip to Meijer at the beginning of the month. It's not close, so I guess I'm saving on gas, but like you said it's hard to figure out where to put everything. I mean, whose cupboard can fit 12 boxes of cereal?

Anyway, I always clip and organize my coupons before I go. The last trip I saved $14 in coupons and then I left my freakin coupon book in the cart! I realized it when I was 1/2 way home, it had been a really hectic week and I was in no mood to drive back. Grrrr. I had some awesome coupons I was holding for future weeks because you know the grocery stores have the real deals on the coupon items about 2 weeks after the coupons are in the paper. Dang it!

Nani said...

Love savings! I saved $75 on my last trip to Harris Teeter...and another $30 at Target! Got to love it!