Tuesday, August 25, 2009


There is a weird phenomenon that keeps reoccurring in life around here. If I am shopping somewhere, I could be in a line of 100 people, the cashier will be nasty to ME. No one else, just me. It happens mostly in mall-type stores. I can deal with the Target or Walmart cashiers and for the most part, they're friendly.

If there are 100 cars driving down the road with multiple violations happening, Frank will be the one pulled over. It's almost unreal how it happens. He's even been pulled over while parked!! I think some cop at some point must have put a tracking device on his car that sends out signals for when cops need to hit their ticket quota for the month - Frank is the go-to guy! What I find weird about that is that it is never for anything major! Seriously, it's the no inspection thing, or tail light is out, you swerved to miss a's endless.

Today's "Cops" moment came in the form of the drive to school. Michael is in year-round school and has been back in session for 7 weeks now. Today was back to school day for the masses in traditional calendar schools. We have a route that we drive that doesn't put us on any main roads and for the most part it is a quick and uneventful drive.

Until today.

They opened up a new high school today. This is taking place of the old high school that is right around the corner from us that is undergoing renovations. So basically what this has done is shifted traffic from one side of town to the other. My husband was not aware of this. So off he goes on his cranky...I mean, merry way, and I was starting to get alarmed when 45 minutes went by and he wasn't home. The trip takes 30 minutes TOPS. Well, I finally hear the car door - SLAM! Then came the front door - SLAM!! I was actually curled back up in the bed with a backache but I figured all hope of rest just ended.

"What's the matter?" I asked. Sometimes I need to remember to just play dead and hope that the danger goes away! He starts pacing and waving his arms and goes in to detail about how the traffic was backed up for three miles on that quiet little back road and how they were only going like ten miles an hour, bumper to bumper, he needs to find a new route. Oh, and did I mention the cop that was in front of him? So, in bumper to bumper traffic, this cop, a female cop no less, puts her car in park, flips on the lights and gets out to confront my husband!

"Do you think you're going to move me along any faster?" she asked.


I'm sorry, but if all of the cars are driving BUMPER TO BUMPER what exactly would you recommend he do? Our son was fifteen minutes late for school, traffic was moving at a snails pace and she gets out of the car to confront Frank? So Frank explains that he's just moving along with the flow of traffic and she says "This is your final warning. Next time you'll get a ticket!"

Um, Final Warning? Wouldn't that constitute that there were previous warnings? Now I know my husband. I know that in these types of traffic scenarios he's borderline obnoxious with the tailgating. But for this woman to put the car in park and get out when there is a CLEAR delay all around them, to me, was a bit ridiculous. Frank said that he witnessed her waving her arms around in the cop car during most of the ride like she was as frustrated as the rest of them. But should this person who is so clearly easily agitated be allowed to ride around - with a gun - if a traffic jam gets her this worked up?

Yet another banner morning in Stace's world.

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jenn said...

That's insane! She needs to chill out just a tad.

Unknown said...

oh brother, sounds like a real lovely morning, NOT.

A.Marie said...

See....I keep telling you that you are special; even the police think so! HA!

just trying to inject a little humor here....

Seriously, someone needs to call the department about Miss Agitated Cop...she sounds like she has a few loose screws upstairs! :}

I dealt with a Macho Cop one time, and I got him demoted, downgraded, whatever the term is, to a desk job. He was off the roads and I was happy.

Maria@Conversations with Moms said...

Poor guy. It's a no win situation. I think the cop was just impatient because of all the traffic but what are the chances that it would be him in back of her. Poor guy.

A Lil Enchanted said...

I have to say that it's odd that she picked on the car behind her... you would think if anything it would be the car in front of her. Maybe she just needed a donut fix! Maybe he should always carry donuts with him... then he would be their best friend.

A Lil Enchanted,

memoriesutreasure said...

Wow, that was great. I feel you on the President's trip. I think it was a very bad idea.