Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Let the Reading Season Begin!

You all know how much I love to write...but I am also an avid reader.  After getting over my initial dislike of the Kindle, I find that am enjoying it more than I thought possible and I am discovering some new authors while I'm at it.  But as much as I like to support the new and lesser known authors, I just get positively giddy when my favorite ladies have some new releases.

My honorary BFF buddy and head cheerleader, Susan Mallery is getting ready to release her newest novel "Barefoot Season" and if you come back tomorrow, you'll read all about it!  But beside "Barefoot Season" she also just had a wonderful re-release of one of her earlier books, "One in a Million".   Then, coming up this summer are Susan's newest additions to her Fool's Gold series, "Almost Summer", "Summer Days", Summer Nights", "All Summer Long" and "A Fool's Gold Christmas".  I do so enjoy spending a season with Susan! 

Then, of course, there is the FABULOUS Nora Roberts.  Here next release "The Last Boyfriend:  Book Two in the BoonsBoro Trilogy" is due out on May 1st.  Don't ask me why, but I have to have this one in paperback.  I have book one in paperback and I want this one that way, too.  

Robyn Carr is someone who I only recently discovered in the last year and her Virgin River series has been quite enjoyable.  Each book can easily stand alone but it's fun once you read more than one and start to recognize the secondary characters.  Her latest, "Sunrise Point" comes out April 24th. 

And the final book on my must-read list for this reading season is Laura Moore's "Trouble Me".  This is book three in the Rosewood trilogy and the first two were so wonderful that I read them both twice!  

I am sure that there are TONS of titles that I am missing but these books are my must-haves for now.  It would be totally cool if someday someone was blogging about one of my books being their must-read! 


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