Sunday, March 25, 2012

House Hunting...

It's not nearly as fun and exciting as HGTV makes it seem!

We have looked on line, in the paper, talked to realtor's and gone by word of mouth and let me tell you, house hunting SUCKS!  It doesn't matter if you are comfortable with the money you have to spend, finding something that fits everyone's needs is just plain exhausting.

I want at least two bathrooms.  Frank needs a two car garage and enough property for the shed he built that is almost as big as the house we are living in now - don't even ASK how we're supposed to move that thing!  And Michael doesn't want to change schools.  Alone, none of these are huge requests, but once you put them all together, it makes for a nearly impossible situation.

I have a friend who is a realtor and she sent me a listing of a dozen places for rent in our price range.  Ninety percent of them were lovely (the other ten I would never live in even on a dare).  We discovered that Frank doesn't want to live in a townhome.  That eliminated half of them.  And out of the remainder of the list, none of them were in Michael's school zone.


It's not like we're in a rush or have a date that we HAVE to move but honestly, I am so ready for a change.  This house, while always affordable and enabled me to be a stay at home mom for ten years and kept us from living on the streets when times were bad, at this point, it just seems to be a constant reminder of a hard life.  I want a fresh start.  We are starting new in 2012 and I want to see that all around me.

Am I crazy???

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