Saturday, March 24, 2012

In Praise of the Room Store...

For the first time since 1995, we are getting BRAND NEW furniture.  Not a whole lot of it, but we are getting a new living room set.  We went out and shopped and checked out a bunch of different stores to see what kind of deals were out there but at the end of the day we ended up (twice) at the Room Store.

We found a GREAT living room set that was actually a seven piece grouping but we broke that up because we don't have that much space.  We got a sofa, an over-sized chair (MINE!) with a double ottoman that is also a storage space.  LOVING it!  We are picking up the sofa this weekend and the chair and ottoman are on back order (dang it!) but I am so excited about having them in my home that I am willing to wait.

One of the perks to the Room Store was that they offered a service plan that pretty much guarantees that if anything happens to the furniture (except animals chewing it) they will repair or replace it for free.  Now I am sure that there is fine print issues in all of that but being that we have no animals and no more small children in the home, I am fairly confident that we are not going to really need this plan.  

So why get it? You ask.  Well, it is a five year plan and if we do NOT use it and never require them to repair or replace anything, we get our money back.  There's a chance I'm going to lose that contract but as of right now, I'm hopeful.  The best part, on a personal level?  We were able to pay for it outright.  That was huge for us.

So although Frank will be fully benefiting from the fabulous new sofa that will be in our living room Saturday afternoon, I have to wait a little bit longer for what I have dubbed "The Princess Chair" - and it's mine, all MINE!!!


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Roo said...

Congrats! Staple the service plan to the underside of the will always be with the furniture!!!!