Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Art of Dialogue Writing...

Okay, so my first attempt at on online writing class went pretty well.  My next one, "The Art of Dialogue Writing" starts on Monday.  And you know what?  There are four high school students and one MOM!  I am so psyched about that!!  I mean, I know that I geared this for high school but for someone looking for a beginner's class, this would be it!

I figured out how to use PayPal - which is good and bad.  Good because it gives students the convenience of paying online.  Bad because PayPal takes a percentage of the money.

Major bummer.

It has been interesting to research how I want to write the curriculum and I'm kind of excited to see how creative the kids can get with their writing.  I mean, writing and someone's creativity is all subjective.  I taught a creative writing class last semester where all of the kids wrote various forms of fantasy and science fiction.

Soooooo not my thing.

I guess for me, as long as the writing is good, and makes sense and makes me WANT to read more, then I am happy.  I have had work handed in that made me want to kill myself because it was so poorly written and boring.  The student was very proud of it.  Who know?  There could be an editor somewhere that likes it.  I mean, as a writer, I think that my writing is good.  I'm sure there have been editor's who have read it and thought "Really?  You felt confident mailing this to me?"

I'm looking forward to this next workshop - that's all I'm saying.  I love helping students work through the creative process.  I think that it's a cool thing.  As of now I have five students for this workshop, the last one I had six.  I was hoping to go up in figures but what I found last time was that not everyone signs up on time.  I had some late entries in the last one and so I may get that sixth and seventh person yet.

I know that I am taking an online class on synopsis writing and it is 4 weeks with lessons several times a week and it was $25 which is exactly what I am charging so I know that I am in the right range.  I think, with me gearing this at the homeschool community right now, that I will get more interest in the classes that I will do come September - I may throw one out there in August because a lot of us here in the South do year-round school.

Either way...LOVING it!!

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Ruth said...

The fantasy/sci-fi thing is probably what could aptly be referred to as "The Harry Potter Effect". ;-) The last film is out on Friday, it's hard to believe it's over.