Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We survived the first day!

Yesterday was a productive day for us here.  We got up, I did a one-mile walk with my little hand weights (2 lbs. each!) and then it was time for Michael to leave for his first day of middle school.  Frank walked him down the two blocks to the bus stop (it's the first time he's taken the bus in the morning ever) and...

They missed the bus.

Seriously.  We got a letter in the mail telling us what time the bus would pick up and they got there 20 minutes BEFORE that time and the bus had already been there and gone!  So, they ran back to the house and had to hop in the car and do the carpool thing. And...while they were gone I did my thirty minute Power 90 workout that I have not done in WAY too long plus the Ab workout.  I was feeling pretty sassy...

Other than that, it seemed like a normal first day of middle school.  He got confused once with his schedule and went to the wrong class but the rest of the day was fine - no major issues.  Thank GOD!  By the time he got home he was still fine, still happy, not overly impressed with the whole situation and I took that as a good thing.

Now here we are, day two.  He is up and moving around and having his breakfast.  He is not complaining, not giving me a hard time about getting ready and I practically need someone to help me walk. my body sore!!  I had every intention of getting up and doing a walk but it's going to take this old body a little bit of time before I can move about the cabin freely!

At least one of us is off to a good start!

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