Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oh, my gosh...we're heading to middle school!

So later on today I will be meeting Frank and Michael at the middle school to... drumroll please...get my child ready to start school on Monday!!!!

We have to go and pick up his schedule, walk him around so that he can find his class rooms and his locker; we have to purchase his gym uniform and lock for his locker and an agenda.  Who knew the middle school had such a business going on!  Just walking in there tomorrow is going to cost me $30 and that's not including the actual school supplies that I have to buy!

I am trying to be calm and cool and not voice my fears out loud but I am freaking out about the whole thing.  I worry about my little bean!  He's my baby and way too sweet to have to go through the horrors of middle school!
I worry about transitioning, dealing with the faster pace, changing classes, having to change for gym class...I mean, middle school is a LOT to deal with. 

Should make for an interesting week next week...

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Petula said...

School starts already!? Wow... good luck with the middle school years. :-)