Friday, June 10, 2011

When Friends are Jerks...

Today my sweet little Michael had his last day of elementary school.  It is the end of an era.  My boy is going to middle school.  He is officially a sixth grader.  He is, for all intents and purposes, a pre-teen.  

Back in April I had started planning his graduation party.  I mean, I realize that it's only elementary school graduation but for him, this is a milestone.  So I had made lists, plans and found myself getting excited.  We were going to buy him an X-box and have pizza and ice cream and his best friend was going to sleep over.

Well, with Frank's dry spell at work, not being able to pay most of our bills, all party plans went down the drain but at least we could still splurge on the pizza and his best friend could sleep over.   So all week, Michael has been trying to get said friend on the phone but the kid never seemed to be home.  Today he finally was and there was my boy, totally excited that it was his last day of school and he could have all that he loved the most to celebrate - pizza and his best friend. didn't happen that way.  When Michael extended the invitation, completely full of hope and confident that all of his plans were going to fall in to place, and his friend (who has been his best friend since kindergarten) told  him "No.  I just want to be by myself" and HUNG UP!


Jerk, jerk, jerkity jerk.

My heart broke for my boy.  I mean, here we were unable to give him the celebration that I wanted and now his best friend crapped all over him.  Luckily, my son swooped in and saved the day.  He and HIS best friend Alex came over and played video games and had pizza with us and then - and this is the cool part, even though Nick had plans, Alex invited Michael to come back to their house and play MORE video games.  Quality guy, my adopted son, Alex.  

The little jerk friend could learn a LOT from these two...

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Lin said...

Oh,gees, that is awful. Don't you just want to KILL that kid??? Been there. I'm glad that Alex stepped up for him--and he probably had more fun with the older guys anyway.

Hang on for middle school. That crap just gets worse before it gets better. Hate to tell ya that. make sure you have lots of Plan B's in your back pocket.